23 Nov 2010

NJ passes Nation’s Strongest anti-Bullying legislation

Some days in Trenton are better than others.  For the sake of thousands of kids who are gay (or fat or smart or whatever else might get him/her bullied) yesterday at the state house was quite possibly life-saving.

20 Jul 2010

Garden State Equality v. N.O.M. in Trenton.

The National Organization for Marriage clowncar juggernaut was inTrenton today. The notoriously well-funded, (anti-gay) N.O.M crew is on tour spreading rancor from state to state. The good folks at Garden State Equality (I'm a member) did a great job of showing up our angry rivals, although I grudgingly concede the

19 Mar 2010

Marriage Equality fight heads back to NJ Supreme Court

Trenton was buzzing yesterday after the press conference announcing the latest twist in the gay marriage equality debate.  Here’s a highlight reel, see for yourself.

15 Mar 2010

New Jersey storms DC to demand ENDA vote

(Washington D.C.)– Fifty Garden State activists just descended on the nation’s capital to lobby our Congressional delegation to pass the Employment Non Discrimination Act and provide LGBT folks with legal protection in the workplace.  Presently it’s perfectly legal to fire someone for being gay in 29 states.  It’s worse for

08 Dec 2009

NJ Marriage Battle Clears 1st Hurdle. Three to go.

Jay Lassiter's plans for attending the NJ Senate hearing yesterday were interrupted by a spontaneous pro-equality counter-demonstration against the Phelps cult in his own town of Cherry Hill.  Watching this, I know that even if the vote is insufficient Thursday, NJ is not far from equality. — Lurleen   Cherry

24 Nov 2009

Gays in NJ to Democratic leaders: Put up or Shut up!

It’s on. Steven Goldstein from Garden State Equality: “If the Democrats don’t enact marriage equality now, after years of telling us to wait, wait, wait, it will cause a huge schism between the state Democratic Party and not just the gay community, but the entire progressive base,” he said. “And

06 Apr 2009

Michelle Obama: American Original

If policy-driven posts based on statistical models is your thing, keep walking. But if you value the importance of symbolism, fierce clothes and feeling good about being an America, this might be good lite fare for a Monday morning. Run time: 3m12

21 Feb 2009

Rooting out the GOP’s intransigence

With the GOP Congressional caucus in full-on goosestep mode, it’s entirely possible you’ve wondered what led to all this chronic naysaying? I’ve been curious about that myself, and came up with this hypothesis. This phenomenon is relevant for any state with a GOP representative. Cross posted at Bluejersey.

18 Dec 2008

GLBT rights, Gender equality highlight New Jersery’s liberal bent

We’ve got a ways to go in the Garden State, but in 2008, our inexorable march leftwards was punctuated by two causes near and dear to PHB readers: GLBT equality and Women’s rights.

14 May 2008

New Jersey: Marriage Equality by year’s end + POLL

New Jersey is teetering on the verge of gay marriage equality and thanks to  the efforts of Garden State Equality the goal is so close i can almost smell it. Check out this vlog and see what we’re up to (Jersey style) and why we are  on track to become