14 Jul 2013

Satire: In Defense of KTVU News Anchor Mae B. O’Blivious

No doubt, you are already familiar with the Bay Area Fox News affiliate, KTVU epic blunder in its coverage of Asiana flight 214. Its noon news anchor announced breaking news – the names of the cabin crew of the ill-fated flight: Sum Tin Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk,

23 Dec 2012

The Conscience of Wayne LaPierre

My husband flicked on the TV Friday morning as I was finishing my oatmeal and coffee. We were both curious as to what new ideas the NRA would propose. But a deeper question tugged at my curiosity. Does the CEO of the NRA have a conscience? How does a man

01 Sep 2012

The Romneys’ Irony Board

I say, let’s give Clint Eastwood a break. Does it really surprise you that the man tasked with introducing Mitt Romney became so frustrated by this assignment that he resorted to an eleven-minute interview with an empty chair? There is something oddly appropriate about Eastwood’s introduction, because the Republican candidate

18 Aug 2012

I will vote in November

Much controversy erupted earlier this week around a blog proposing that people don’t vote as a form of protest. Since it received prominent placement on FDL and generated over 200 comments, I assume that most firedogs are already aware of it. The comment thread included some really excellent discussion on

22 Apr 2012

How Many Supreme Court Justices Can Dance on the Head of a Pin?

As we head toward summer, the Supreme Court considers the fate of tens of millions of Americans with pre-existing medical conditions. SCOTUS has placed great emphasis on this question–If the US government can mandate that individuals buy health insurance, then why can’t Uncle Sam force us to buy broccoli too?

07 Dec 2011

BREAKING: Occupy SF Raided

SFGate reports that Occupy SF was raided by police at one am this morning. The camp was broken up and seventy arrests were made. The link is below: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/12/07/BAC41M9GUP.DTL&tsp=1

19 Nov 2011

Occupy GA: Lord of the Flies

Imagine that you have stood up at a meeting of People’s Temple and warned members of the congregation that they were not safe around Jim Jones and needed to eject him from their group. It’s the mid-1970s, and you are at the headquarters in San Francisco where an aura of

29 Oct 2011

Oakland: This is what a police state looks like

I’ve gotta hand it to you, Mayor Quan, you wasted no time. As soon as you realized, to your horror, that Oakland’s city hall was located in downtown Oakland (public urination, incidents of violence, people without homes sleeping out of doors), you launched right into redecorating. By the way, love

25 Oct 2011

OWS: Hello Oakland City Hall!

This morning, Oakland evicted Occupy Oakland participants from their encampment at 14th and Broadway. In its eviction notice issued over the weekend, the city cited concerns over public safety and sanitation, including public urination, rats, and incidents of violence. Oh my, how shocking! It means that people who work at

11 Oct 2011

An Open Letter to Lt. Pepper Spray

Update: I started writing this open letter Sunday evening and continued working on it Monday. In the meantime, the Boston PD made mass arrests at Occupy Boston. According to an FDL blog by Kevin Gosztola, there are reports of military veterans who are part of Veterans for Peace being beaten