15 Feb 2012

Amazing Diary at Kos by Donovan and Holder re Settlement

The title is, believe it or not,  HOLDING BANKS ACCOUNTABLE. I’ll give you a few moments to stop laughing and collect yourselves. Ok? Ready? Then steel yourselves and proceed to: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/02/15/1065029/-Holding-Banks-Accountable?detail=hide Holding Banks Accountable by Shaun Donovan (note authorship on article says Shaun Donovan and Eric Holder Daily Kos ,

10 Feb 2012

On the Robosigning/Servicing Settlement

Before the terms of the settlement was announced, I wrote the following as part of  a reply to one of Cynthia Kouril’s always great posts concerning foreclosure fraud and the settlement: The servicing of the mortgages is where all the real human pain of foreclosure dwells. This was where the

12 Dec 2011

Does the New “Justice Party” Finally Offer a Choice for Disaffected Lefties?

I don’t know the answer to that question, but I’m hoping that the answer may be yes. Many of us are tired of being yoked to the Democratic Party/Lesser Evil Party because we have not had a viable Third Party alternative. What about the Greens?, you may ask. My own

07 Jul 2011

The Cynicism of the “Corporate Jet” Tax Increases Just Kills Me

The the President and the Dems picked 2 practically meaningless tax increases on corporate jet depreciation and thoroughbred horse ownership as symbols to show their electorate – “Look at us! We’re fighting for you the little guys – we’re fighting against those rich corporate jet and thoroughbred horse owners. We’re

29 Jun 2011

No, You Cannot Raise the Age of Medicare or Social Security

For one glaring and blindingly obvious reason – it has a disproportionate impact on African Americans. It’s already bad – these proposals to raise the age limits make it worse. The life span of the African American male is 69.7 years as opposed to 75.7 years for white males. http://minorityhealth.hhs.gov/templates/content.aspx?ID=3733

24 May 2011

White House Propaganda Machine Gears up

Whoa! I guess this gets filed in the The More Things Change . . . file This is a GREAT Diary over at Daily Kos by joanneleon for the Amateur Left. Comprehensive and revolting. That ole Mockingbird is singing again! Watch Out For the White House Shills Marcy Wheeler gets

29 Apr 2011

Mission Accomplished! Congrats Messrs. Greenspan, Bernanke, et al

Tumbled across this at Benzinga: The Housing Bubble Broke the Middle Class WOW! Very stark. Filled with detail, nice pie chart, etc. Definitely worth a look. Let’s face it – all monetary policy in this country for the last 20 years has been designed to further enrich the wealthy and

27 Apr 2011

A Re-Evaluation of Trickle Down Economics – Turns Out It Is Fantastically, Outrageously Successful

When the term  “Trickle Down Economics” was first deployed in the Reagan Administration it was understood as a descriptive phrase that was analogous to “A rising tide floats all boats” or the old homily “What is good for Ford is good for the country.” In other words, any economic policies

22 Apr 2011

Understanding the Obama Admin Stand on Housing – The Annotated Version

First of all, you can read the entire report yourself and download a PDF to keep for your recreational reading here This proposal is a work product from Tim Geithner’s Treasury Department and HUD. After reading it, you will start to understand the new emphasis on renting versus homeownership. I

22 Apr 2011

There Is No “Bi-Partisan Deficit Commission Plan” And Everyone Who Refers To One Is a Charlatan

There is no “President’s Deficit Commission Plan” There is no “Independent Deficit Commission Plan” there is no “Bi-Partisan Deficit Commission Plan” and there is no whatever other versions of this same canard are making the rounds. By the very rules under which it was created, the required number of members