15 Nov 2011

The Case Against Scott Walker, Reduced To 35 Words

These three lines are from a March editorial from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the state’s largest daily and a paper which endorsed Walker for election. But the editorial board spoke the truth when it said: Walker never campaigned on disenfranchising public-employee unions. If he had, he would not have been

14 Nov 2011

Scott Walker’s Recall Is Over Two, Linked Failures – – Harmful Policies And Executive Dishonesty

Wisconsin voters can and must do better than a Governor who: Has 24 of 36 ratings from PolitiFact with the words “mostly false, false, or Pants on Fire” in the scoring – – the most for any Wisconsin figure this year, by far. Has not had a “mostly true” or

12 Nov 2011

Law Enforcement, Facebook Need To Shut Down WI Recall Fraud Planning

There’s no reason that state, local and federal law enforcement cannot come down hard on people using Facebook to boast about plans to collect signatures in favor of recalling Gov. Scott Walker and then destroying the paperwork. That’s a felony. Facebook does not condone such postings and people should be

24 Oct 2011

Walker Will Unite Hunters, Anglers, Hikers And Cyclists – – Border To Border, Urban And Rural

Governor 52% wants to roll back 224 years of waterway management and public resource preservation: organizations are uniting on behalf of the 99% to save the state’s rivers, lakes, streams and riverbanks. Worse, he did it under the cover of job-creation, much as he used “budget-repair” to overturn 50 years

23 Oct 2011

Scott Walker’s All-Or-Nothing Jobs Pledge Ruled Unattainable – – By His Revenue Department

Scott Walker squeaked through to a 52% victory in the November gubernatorial campaign in Wisconsin on the strength of one major promise – – the creation of 250,000 new, private sector jobs, with an ancillary pledge to create 10,000 new businesses, too – – through tax breaks, deregulation and other

11 Oct 2011

Scott Walker Recall Campaign To Begin Nov. 4…Which Is A Good Thing

It will take more than 500,000 verified signatures,  and a 60-day push into winter and through several major holidays, but Scott Walker’s authoritarian and deceptive practices have made this historic effort inevitable and necessary if democratic fairness is to be restored in my state of Wisconsin. Some basic information is

10 Oct 2011

Scott Walker, Super Boy Scout? Please…

Earning more “false” ratings on PolitiFact this year than any other Wisconsin subject and managing a campaign and administration now under active John Doe investigation make Walker’s ‘trust-me’ statement a hollow impossibility. More, here.

09 Oct 2011

Michael Bloomberg Channeling, And Out-Doing, Scott Walker

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker energized the labor movement and created intense dislike in his home state with authoritarian legislation and pronouncements which will result in another recall election – – his. It baffles me that Michael Bloomberg, a far more moderate elected official, is similarly motivating protesters both in NYC