17 Apr 2012

Falling in Love… with Dirt

Paul Quinn College has found a way to score big on the football field—without playing a single down. The Dallas, Texas college, which was founded in 1872, recently abandoned its football program and converted the field into a working organic farm maintained by the students themselves. The metamorphosis was the

11 Apr 2012

175 Chickens in 1 Minute?!

You’d think the USDA would see the flaw of logic in letting the people who make the food inspect the food and decide if it is actually safe to eat. The USDA has decided in its infinite wisdom, despite pink slime and a few other debacles of the food industry,

23 Sep 2010

Don’t Do as the Senate Does – Act Now on Climate Change

2010 has been a year of missed opportunities for the environment. From no progress or worse on the international climate action stage, to a clean energy bill in the U.S. Senate that is still on ice despite the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, it’s enough to make you want to throw up your hands and buy beach-front property on the Bering Sea.

07 Sep 2010

Americans Don’t Burn Books

Enough is enough. Enough with the bigotry and the hate. Enough with the race-baiting and the fake debate about the Ground Zero Mosque. Enough of white Americans putting up fences to keep their fellow humans out. Enough of the birthers.

28 May 2010

Collective Failure. Singular Opportunity.

Last Thursday was the one-month anniversary of the Gulf oil disaster and every day, we see more and more evidence that collectively we have failed to not only act, but also we have failed to organize and express our anger about the disaster, and its truly shocking long-term consequences.

14 May 2010

What’s Up with the Rainforest: Collapsing Biodiversity Is a ‘Wake-up Call for Humanity’

Let’s not miss the opportunity for these environmental tragedies to serve as a call of action to both our country, and the global community, towards a focus on a safer, healthier, and stronger planet.

14 May 2010

You Talked the Talk. Now Let’s Walk the Walk.

As BP pumps thousands of barrels of toxic oil into the Gulf of Mexico every day, the threat our dependence on fossil fuels holds should be clearer now than ever before. In the wake of this great tragedy, individual senators have the tremendous opportunity to break the gridlock, and step up to pass a comprehensive clean energy and climate policy. In particular, there are a few Senators who have a record of talking the talk on this issue, and the time has come for them to walk the walk.

29 Apr 2010

The Time Has Come. The Time Is Now.

This week in Washington, debate was supposed to begin on a bill to address climate change and clean energy. The effort led by Senators Kerry, Graham and Lieberman is one of, if not the most important effort, underway in Washington right now. If done correctly, and of course, the final bill has not been seen and much of what is in it is still up for debate, this single bill could be one of the most important legislative events of our lifetime.

26 Apr 2010

What’s Up With the Rainforest: More Hope, Less Blame

Working towards a sustainable future is a responsibility that will require dedication all 365 days of the year.