10 Feb 2015

Jungle Primaries Versus the Electoral College

Jungle Primaries Versus the Electoral College When it comes to our national  electioneering, I become dismayed with the “minor” political parties such as the Justice and Green Parties, or for what I have, in the past, labeled as the “fringers” and yet, my dismay is more in the notion that

29 Jan 2015

Super Bowl: Seattle by 3

As an aficionado for a ‘smart’ defense, Seattle should easily win.  Of course, I am a tad biased in my support for a Left Coast team.  Just don’t sue me? Jaango

23 Jan 2015

Challenging the pro-Israel Democrats in Congress

Challenging the pro-Israel Democrats in Congress When it comes to elevating Israel from a second rate Democracy and into a first rate Democracy, progressive Democrats and in particular, the House Progressive Caucus, will not or cannot advocate or effectively represent us, when it comes to this insolence among Democrats. And

12 Jan 2015

Has “populism” arrived, again?

Has “populism” Arrived, Again? When it comes to “populism” in our Sonoran Desert, I find myself with a political “twitch” when I have to consider, not the Sonoran Desert version, but the national version.  And in this national version, “populism” has become the Conventional Wisdom by America’s elite and which

29 Dec 2014

Welcome to the Progressive Pachanga for 2015

  Challenging the Conventional Wisdom? Albeit, many of today’s national pundits consider themselves as “espousing” the Conventional Wisdom, yet, none of these white Deviants have come to the rationalization that the “outsiders” are both the creators and crafters of America’s Conventional Wisdom.  To wit and according to the tireless Digby for

24 Dec 2014

Civilian Review Boards

  Civilian Review Boards For all these many years, I have been a staunch supporter for Civilian Review Boards, and despite all the large of number of deaths, for all these years and at the hands of the multiplicity of   police officers that should have never been police officers due

20 Dec 2014

Ending the Cold War in the Sonoran Desert

Ending the Cold War in the Sonoran Desert For those among us and who appreciate “good” geology, we know that the Northern Border starts at our  Big Hole and well-known by the many as the Grand Canyon.  And as to the Southern Border, we know too that this ends at

18 Dec 2014

Cuba: Conservative v. Neo-liberal v. Progressive

Cuba:  Conservative v. Neo-liberal v. Progressive Yesterday and after President Obama proclaimed he was lessening the Cold War, I had to chuckle given that the traditional perspective relative to Cuba, harkens back to the “reality” that predominates the Progressive Movement and the “unmet need” facing my fellow Progressives. And when

09 Dec 2014

The Torture Report

Local news media outlets here in Arizona are reporting that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence”s Torture Report will be released within the next 30 minutes, and with my anticipation held in abeyance. However, if this report is released, I know, that as a military vet, Bush/Cheney, et.al., “pissed” on

05 Dec 2014

Have Progressive Magazines Lost Their Zest?

  Have Progressive Magazines Lost Their Zest? Now that much is being said and written of the Triumphal Three among our progressive media outlets—The New Republic, The American Prospect and the Washington Monthly Magazine, perhaps, the Chicano Media Center will become the “new” Icon of Tomorrow?  Not likely, of course,