28 Jul 2011

America’s Financial Situation.

                It seems most are worried about debt, deficits, and spending. Yet no one seems to be wanting to attack the real problems. Our fourteen trillion dollars of debt may have been run up by many bad choices, but paying it off won’t happen if we don’t fix the underlying

29 May 2010

Top Kill Failed

We learned that Top Kill Failed, and were shocked only because we were fooled that it might in the first place.

19 May 2010

The President on Immigration.

The President spoke today on immigration, and told us what He thinks is needed. He repeated much of what we have heard before.

17 May 2010

Our Government and the Oil Spill

The Exon Valdez should have shown that we needed the tools to clean up oil spills, and it really is part of National Security.

16 May 2010

BP oil disaster in Truth and Fiction

We are having People in Our Government, on down to everyday bloggers commenting on this disaster. Few seem to want to admit the truth, let alone know much of what they are talking about.

06 Apr 2010

Gas Prices

Gas is agaim going up fast, and our dreams of cheap abundant fuel is just more smoke.

04 Apr 2010

America Has Nothing

Years ago this country was the leader in inovation, manufacturing, and almost everything in the world. Today We have nothing to offer the World.

07 Jan 2010

Security Boloney

Today We heard the President and His people feed us a bunch of baloney as to why the underpants bomber was able to get on the plane.

03 Dec 2009

President Obama create Jobs.

This is the question if our dear President would create jobs even if He wanted to.

28 Oct 2009


The Congress touts, then avoids our Constitution, often using it against us. For those who wish a way to take our Government back This might be a start.