10 May 2010

Primary Obama

I feel FDL should stop all activity right now and focus solely on a primary challenge to Obama.

26 Apr 2010

Where is my movement?

The Progressive movement is anything but. Where is my generation’s movement?

20 Apr 2010

@ the Moderators

Can we get a coherent list of reasons why the mods can censor?

31 Mar 2010

Unions are NOT our allies

Everything we blame Kos and his ilk for the Unions are just as guilty if not worse, as they actually had pull. Now with the SEIU strong arming smaller unions, we must break with them.

25 Mar 2010

Another call to publicly disown the “firedogs”

With the progressive caucus spitting on us it’s time to be very blatant with this.

24 Mar 2010

Why I call myself a socialist

I’ve been very blatant in giving myself the title, here’s why.

24 Mar 2010

the completeness of Kucinich’s sell out.

Kucinich is now the new face of DCCC fundraising.

18 Mar 2010

You’re not being fooled, you are a fool.

People who think the dems will really “go back and fix it later” are not being fooled, you are fools. Time to stop mincing words.

17 Mar 2010

Countdown: There’s a liberal devide, but let’s not actually talk to the FDL faction

Why bring on someone to say why the bill should die when you can have two people who are pro the bill?

17 Mar 2010

All 3 “firedogs” have turned thier backs on us

All 3 so called firedogs have gone back on thier word to us.