23 May 2013

How Japanese and Americans Save Differently

In America a dollar today is worth much less than a dollar in 1980.

15 May 2013

Do Tourists Get Sick When They Visit the United States?

Do foreign tourists ever get sick when they visit the United States?

09 May 2013

Did You Know that the United Kingdom Censored Animal Farm? Here’s Why:

Yet for several years before its publication in the United Kingdom, Animal Farm was censored. Why did this happen? Well, the answer is quite simple.

It criticized the Soviet Union.

06 May 2013

Japan’s Strange Isolation, and How It Hurts Us and Japan

In an ideal world, Japanese companies would have spread the smart-phone to us years before Apple came up with the idea, and our advances in technology would have convinced Japanese companies to abandon the wasteful fax machine years ago.

02 May 2013

The Hillary Clinton Gender Gap

Four years before the 2016 presidential election, and before we even know who is running, some enterprising pollsters have released polls matching Hillary Clinton against an assorted group of potential Republican candidates.

29 Apr 2013

What Foreign Language Do North Koreans Learn? English!

English classes in North Korea! The concept is mind-blowing.

20 Apr 2013

What Exactly Was the Popular Vote in 2012?

How many votes did President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney actually win, in reality?

16 Apr 2013

Idiocy at the State Department

I recently had the opportunity to watch a presentation by the State Department.

31 Mar 2013

The Socially Conservative State of … California?

From the numbers, it looks like there’s a socially conservative majority of 52% to 53% of Californians.

02 Mar 2013

Thoughts About the Pope’s Resignation

In many ways Pope Benedict XVI has not been as influential as his predecessor Pope John Paul II. John Paul II was highly loved and good at playing with the media. Benedict XVI, not so much.