17 Jul 2008

Going to the park while gay in Ft. Lauderdale

What to make of this story? FORT LAUDERDALE – A Fort Lauderdale police officer entrapped a middle-aged man into exposing himself in Holiday Park and groping the officer’s groin, a Broward County judge has ruled. County Court Judge Gary Cowart ordered prosecutors to dismiss charges of indecent exposure, committing a

11 Jul 2008

Gay-Hating Fort Lauderdale Mayor Still At It

Jim Naugle’s final term as Fort Lauderdale mayor feels like it’s never going to end. Yesterday, on a radio show with Russ Morley and Michael Woulffe, Naugle talked about his legacy and how he’s proud of having stood up to “the radical gay lobby.” You can hear the whole thing

26 Jun 2008

The religion fight: Obama versus Dobson

I wrote yesterday about what I called Dobson’s big swerve, wherein he is working on finding a way to paint Barack Obama as so religiously radical that he will have no choice but to support, reluctantly, John McCain. (Yeah, there’s some sarcasm in that sentence.) It started a little more

14 Apr 2008

Florida’s ENDA problem

Florida, surprisingly enough for a state that has a hateful anti-marriage amendment on the ballot this November, is trying to pass some ENDA legislation. Not surprisingly, there’s a divide over who gets included as protected groups. In a repeat of the divide that’s plagued the proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act in

26 Mar 2008

What about the last 150 years?

The Florida Senate did a good thing today, and you won’t see me write those words very often. They approved a resolution apologizing for the state’s history of slavery. In a somber Senate chamber, legislative historian John Phelps, a former House clerk, read a summary of state laws from the

25 Feb 2008

Florida GOP: racism alive and well

Maybe coming soon from a redneck near you. From Think Progress via John Cole, the newest in ideas for Florida license plates, guaranteed to piss off a large percentage of the population as quickly as a pristine Bush/Cheney sticker. Rep. Donald Brown (R) introduced a bill last week to create

12 Nov 2007

Remember Bob Allen?

Of course you do–Florida state legislator who got caught offering to pay a cop to receive a blowjob. It's understandable if you'd forgotten him, what with the rash of Republican gay sex arrests in the last year, but Bob Allen had his day in court, and the jury found him

06 Nov 2007

Florida Marriage Amendment

You made it ugly. That's my short reply to Bill Bunkley, Tampa radio host and supporter of the ill-named Florida Marriage Amendment. In talking about his support of the aforementioned amendment, Bunkley said “he doesn’t want the campaign to turn ugly. He says 'if we are going to disagree, we

16 Oct 2007

Hillary Clinton, Vaginal-American

Let me preface this by saying that I'm no Hillary Clinton fan, and that she's somewhere between third and fourth on my primary candidate's list. That said, I feel it necessary to point this crap out. Tonight on Tucker Carlson's watched-by-almost-no-one show, there was the following exchange between Carlson and

06 Oct 2007

Jena’s mayor needs a slap to the head

Jena's Mayor is upset. He's irate, in fact, that his town has become what he calls “the epicenter of hatred, racism and a place where justice is denied.” To be fair, most of us writing about the Jena 6 have only made the last claim there, and it's pretty undeniable.