19 Aug 2012

Four committees that all local governments should form now

We should all realize by now that the leaders at the State and Federal levels are stagnated.  They are not going to help the majority of citizens to whom they are sworn to represent.  Part of the problem is due to party politics.  The Democrat and Republican parties cancel each

15 Aug 2012

Perhaps Occupy can occupy the chambers of city government all over the USA

We can and must stop the Wall Street grand theft of our cities and states. We begin by attending council meetings and asking questions of those we have elected to represent us. I’ll use my own city of Garland Texas as a specific  example if you care to follow.  $85,304,816

16 May 2012

New models and solutions are bubbling up but candidates are too focused on raising money to notice

Good morning fellow Firedog-lakers.  I’ve been very busy for the past few months–working and planning my campaign for the 32nd Congressional District in Texas.    Instead of talking about myself and pretending like I have all the answers, I am forming alliances with the people in my district and working

15 Mar 2012

State sponsored violence against young people, the poor, minorities, immigrants and women is on the rise.

Crosspost from IfLizWereQueen And those who give a damn about democracy should care enough to speak up. In an article written by Henry A. Giroux, he writes: “Young people are demonstrating all over the world against a variety of issues ranging from economic injustice and massive inequality to drastic cuts

12 Mar 2012

Murders of Afghan Villagers. I’m not surprised.

CrossPost from IfLizWere Queen Why should anyone be surprised?  If there is any surprise, it would only be that it doesn’t happen more often.  Furthermore the leadership of the military and the leadership of Congress don’t give a damn.  They even cover up the deeds of these trained murderers.  They

05 Mar 2012

The neoliberal policies admired and followed by the investor class leadership of the USA have failed the people

Crosspost from IfLizWereQueen  1 The neolibral policies followed by the leadership of the Democrat and Republicans alike have led to the economic ruin not only of the USA, but the world..  These principles were put into place over 50 years ago by a jerk from Chicago by the name of Milton

04 Mar 2012

Why does the investor class hate labor? Labor is a cost that reduces ROI for the investor class.

Dinner time at St. Pancras Poorhouse, London, – Wiki Commons [NOTE:  If you want to see what the investor class did to the poor in the mid to late 19th century, read the addendum at the end of this post.] The investor class, which happens to include just about all

04 Mar 2012

About the Twisted USA Monetary System

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen The Rich should pay higher interest rates than the poor. The US monetary system is set up to perpetuate the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. This will never end until we remove most members of Congress who continue to support this system because

03 Mar 2012

It doesn’t take a village, but it does take you making better choices to change the world.

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen It won’t be until May 30 now before I will be able to get out and gather the 500 signatures that i will need to get my name on the ballot as US Representative for the 32 District.  The Texas primary has been pushed from the

01 Mar 2012

Hillary was wrong. Most of Washington is wrong. It doesn’t take a village.

Crosspost from IfLizWereQueen It doesn’t take a village–It takes you! That will be the theme of my  campaign for US Congress 2012 that I’m kicking off in a few days with a homemade sign in my own front yard. I’ve been giving a lot of thought over the past month