19 Jun 2011

When accused of belligerence

When accused of belligerence, here's how not to respond: “What the hell do you mean I'm belligerent? I'll teach you to call me belligerent! Put up your dukes, enemy!” 

04 Jan 2011

The trans same-sex marriage loophole – and why it’s wrong for the marriage equality movement

There's an opinion I've heard expressed about strategy for marriage equality, which believes that the loophole allowing trans people to be in legally valid same-sex marriages is a boon to be exploited by whoever is able to. I just cannot accept that. For many transsexual people, exploiting that loophole would

18 Oct 2010

Allah made me sexy

It's all become so clear now. Every time I be my honest sexy badass Sicilian self, I do fine in society. Every time I try to do the Muslim thing, I come to grief. Why? Well, apart from the fucked-up attitudes to be found in the Muslim community, from which

27 Nov 2009

Feminism Friday – thoughts on trans feminism and Islamic feminism

1. I looked into trans feminism and found that some voices associated with it are advocating that feminists ought to be concerned with transgender issues. When I read it just now, this was new to me. If anyone had asked my idea of what trans feminism is, I would have

23 Jul 2009

Challenging femmephobia

Disparaging or even hostile attitudes toward femmes and femininity I’ve often heard from both cis women and trans women invite a look at a hatred that I’ve found to be very prevalent and yet hardly ever acknowledged, let alone analyzed. We need to call it out for what it is,

07 May 2009

Linking feminism and LGBT liberation

How would marital and sexual morality laws have been formulated in the absence of patriarchy and its attendant homophobia? Patriarchal religious laws have always been formulated from heterosexual men's point of view. In patriarchy, sex means heterosexual penetration to cause pregnancy. Patriarchy aside, any general sexual system has to take

30 Mar 2009

Hypatia’s story

(This was written as an assignment for a workshop that was led by T. Thorn Coyle) Hypatia's Story I lay awake thinking about the story I was going to write. Tossing and turning, I called the story to come to me. Then there she was, sitting on the bed looking

29 Jan 2009

How does queer consciousness pattern the brain?

One word that could summarize my spiritual path as a queer woman is edgewalking. I'm not afraid to cross forbidden boundaries of consciousness. Authoritarian religions once intimidated me into avoidance, but I've shaken off their restrictions on freedom of consciousness. It was the direct access to my queer consciousness that

21 Jan 2009

CIA politics

For the past several years, the Cheney/Bush administration carried out a concerted program to politically, partisanly police the CIA in order to purge the liberals and Democrats, and install in their place ideologically neoconservative Republicans. One lady who contracted for them made the signature line on her e-mail a quote

29 Oct 2008

Anti-Gay Cosa Nostra Blackmailing & Extorting Protection Money from Prop 8 Opponents

If news of this despicable tactic becomes widespread, I hope it would help discredit Prop 8 and the criminal minds who support it. Pay up or else, marriage equality foes have written to several businesses who have made donations towards the defeat of California's constitutional gay marriage ban, Proposition 8.