08 Jan 2013

Six Clean Energy Campaign Lessons that Matter for 2013

It is the start of a New Year, and the long election of 2012 is behind us now, but that doesn’t mean the campaigning is over. A new Congress and a second Obama term present opportunities to advance clean energy and climate action, yet given the persistent gridlock in Washington,

04 Oct 2012

Romney Gets the Energy Facts Wrong in Wednesday’s Debate

The post-debate analysis is in full swing, and while pundits are talking about Governor Romney’s aggressive manner and President Obama’s subdued performance, the real story is how many times Romney strayed from the facts. On energy issues alone, he not only distorted the truth but he also misrepresented his own

23 Aug 2012

Mitt Romney is Out of Step with the American People on Energy Policy

Last year New Mexico was No. 1 in the nation for installing solar power. It is one of the top states in the country for wind energy. New Mexicans also benefit from energy efficiency programs. With $8.9 billion in annual energy expenditures each year, energy efficiency programs could save New

21 Aug 2012

Where Does Heather Wilson Stand on the Ryan Budget?

Mitt Romney’s selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate has thrust Ryan’s controversial budget proposals into the national spotlight. On the campaign trail, candidates are being asked about the Ryan budget. Unfortunately for voters, some candidates, like New Mexico Senate candidate Heather Wilson, refuse to come clean about

15 Aug 2012

Romney & Ryan’s Fossil Fuel Favoritism: Starve Clean Energy, but Feed Oil with Taxpayer Money

Mitt Romney announced last week he would not extend an incentive for wind and solar power if he were elected president. Clean energy is often cast as a Democratic issue, but the incentive has broad Republican support. More than 80 percent of installed wind power comes from Republican-majority states. Romney,

11 Aug 2012

The Best Ticket Dirty Money Can Buy

Saturday we awoke to news that Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) will be Mitt Romney’s running mate.  I am sure the Koch brothers are smiling this morning because they have been cultivating Congressman Ryan since he set foot on Capitol Hill, giving him one of his first donations in 1999. Koch

09 Aug 2012

Will the True Extremist Please Stand Up?

It can’t be easy being a climate denier this summer. Record-breaking heat waves, freak storms, enormous fires, and the worst drought in 50 years are making it harder to ignore the reality of climate change. Many meteorologists, network news shows, and public health officials are speaking candidly about the connection

06 Jul 2012


I like to win. I don’t think that makes me very different from most people.  But, it’s not often that I get to declare a win-win-win though. Which is why today’s announcement in Michigan is so exciting! Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs collected more than 500,000 signatures to ensure a proposal

27 Jun 2012

Tensions in West Virginia Echo National Debate: Will Polluters Face Reality?

When a group of Senators tried to kill standards that protect Americans from mercury, arsenic, and other toxic pollution from power plants, 53 Senators stood up for our health and preserved the standards. There were many heroes that day, but one really stood out to me: Senator Jay Rockefeller. Senator

20 Jun 2012

Portrait of a Flip Flopper: Mitt Flips on Mercury

Yesterday, Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney waded into the “current” Congressional battle to clean up power plants, taking the side of industry over public health. It is a sad day on a number of levels.  Not only is a Presidential candidate turning his back on millions of children in favor of