07 Jun 2013

Glenn Beck may have been proved right.

Perhaps by Glenn Beck just making so many crazy claims about Obama, he finally made one that could turn out to be true. Back on October 22, 2009 he claimed that the Government was going to use the OnStar system in GM cars to spy on us. . Everybody at

14 Dec 2010

How Obama Will Privatize Public Education

Democrat’s agenda and legislative agenda.

27 Mar 2010

What to do With Firedoglake resources

Now that the democrats have completely sold out the progressives, we need to separate ourselves from them.

20 Mar 2010

Obama and Congress are the real healthcare advocates

Why Obama and this Congress will be known as the greatest healthcare advocates.

16 Feb 2010

FT Lewis soldier pleads not guilty to water torture

4 year old girl waterboarded by Soldier

27 Jan 2010

Progressives Just Don’t Understand

The Democratic Party thinks progressives just aren’t getting there message and don’t realize they are doing the best they can.

25 Jan 2010

Obama Embraces Reaganomics

The transformation is complete from liberal activist to right wing ideologue.

20 Jan 2010

Health Care Insanity

How the democrats became republicans and vice versa

19 Jan 2010

Coakley’s Loss is Progressive’s Win

Coakley’s loss will give more power to progressives in the democratic party.