07 Nov 2007

My Open Letter to Rep. Mark Souder on ENDA.

My Open Letter to Rep. Mark Souder on ENDA.

25 Oct 2007

Vist Wonkette NOW for Larry Craig Tell-All!

        larry craig scandal    EXCLUSIVE: “I Had Sex with Larry Craig!”              We’ve been having loads of fun with gay restroom goblin Larry Craig over the past couple of months, haven’t we? What we’ve been missing, though, is an on-the-record account

09 Oct 2007

Differing Ideas…..

As is often said at TMV, differing ideas do not cause brain cancer. People seem to honestly disagree about ENDA and gender identity. It would help if posters and commenters discuss the issues and avoid cursing, ad-hominem attacks and general accusations of racism, sexism and transphobia.

04 Oct 2007

…and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

Cross-Posted at TMV: http://themoderatevo…   Last Friday I briefly addressed the ENDA bill in this post, stating: My opinion? Passing the hate crimes bill and ENDA will be long-overdue steps in the right direction. If the transgender issue will sink ENDA, take it out. We can address that another time.

06 Aug 2007


Some Christians THESE parents are! Indianapolis Star: Brett Conrad spent more than half his life as Patrick Atkins’ partner. For 25 years, the men shared bank accounts, apartments and eventually a home in Fishers. But when Atkins, 47, fell seriously ill in 2005, Conrad faced what many gay Hoosiers consider

16 Jul 2007

Another Dangerous Parent

Dayton Daily News: Police find 7-month-old left in center of the road – A 29-year-old woman tells police the baby was Satan’s child. By Eric Robinette Staff Writer Sunday, July 15, 2007 http://www.daytondai… Officers responded to the scene and found the woman naked and with blood on her body, but

25 May 2007

What It Used To Be Like For Us

While looking for something else I found an episode of Chicago Public Radio’s This American Life that I had missed. BTW, it was in 1973 that I first realized that I was attracted to women. ================================================ 05.11.2007 Originally aired 01.18.2002 http://www.thisameri… 204: 81 Words The story of how the American

18 Apr 2007

Shame on SCOTUS!

The Roberts Court has expressed its raison d’etre today by making it more difficult for women to get abortions. What an attack on our rights! http://themoderatevo…

26 Mar 2007

Meanwhile, at Another Seminary….

Chancellor-Elect Arnold Eisen’s Letter to the Community: March 26, 2007 To the JTS Community: I write to announce that, effective immediately, The Jewish Theological Seminary will accept qualified gay and lesbian students to our rabbinical and cantorial schools. This matter has aroused thoughtful introspection about the nature and future of