25 Jul 2009

Screw you Anti-LGBT christians,

  What is LOVE ?   Go ahead and tell me I have no clue what it is.  Why, do I have to be told what LOVE is by people who say what it is by GOD.  But you know what, I have become part of a family that knows

25 Jun 2009

Good News for HappyCat,

  I haven’t been writing or commenting a lot lately.  Just wanted to mention what all has changed in two weeks.  First of all, I am Thankful that President Obama and his stimulation plan extended Unemployment Compensation and the Great Governor Ritter of Colorado accepted the extra Unemployment money.  This

29 May 2009

Olson and Boies on Hardball.

This is an interesting video of Olson and Boies.  They back up everything most of us have been saying for quite a while.  A person’s Civil Rights should never be put up to the popular vote. I know many have commented about Ted Olson doing this to sabotage marriage equality

18 May 2009

Need some input from the people here at the Blend — about family and holiday dinners

2 Update Below the Fold, 4:15 pm and 11:20 pm est 12:30 am est, their letter. If your parents invited you to join them for a holiday dinner, but gave you the following conditions, how would you react?  The reason I am asking is my sister and I had a

07 May 2009

Maine’s Wonderful Governor,

This video made my night. It is the Governor Signing the bill and a brief interview after. He admits that there will be the ‘People’s Vote’ but he also lays the foundation of why the People of Maine should vote in favor of Marriage Equality. More below the fold,

07 May 2009

FRC claims religion isn’t protected under existing hate crime laws

  As I have mentioned before, I recieve the E-blasts from many of the religious organizations.  Tonight I had time to read a few.  This is from FRC, and it is a lie-filled E-blast: The House voted to silence you – will you help stop the Senate? May 06, 2009

20 Apr 2009

Deceit won’t work for Allen Andrade,

During the trial of Angie Zapata today, the prosecution played recordings of phone calls Allen Andrade made to his girl friends.  What became clear is that Allan Andrade was playing with a few women.  His was living with one, and seeing another.  During which time he also met Angie Zapata

18 Apr 2009

Hate Crimes Legislation Vote in the House Judiciary Committee 4/22/09

The Fundies are revving for their usual fear mongering/send money campaigns. Here comes out the same old lies as well, Your Religious Freedom is Under Attack Garbage is going to be piled high, Hip Boots Required.  Here is a taste from TVC, The so-called hate crimes bill will be used

13 Apr 2009

Bearing False Witness, The 9th Commandment

  I have a nextdoor neighbor who I get along with quite well.  Her daughter and my oldest daughter are best of friends.  When we are together, we try to avoid politics and religion, but with what took place last week, the subject of religion did come up.  She is

09 Apr 2009

Another sad tragedy resulting from bullying.

  This has got to end.  More teenage suicides are the result from bullying. Mom says Springfield boy, 11, who committed suicide was repeatedly bullied at school  Ready for the shocker, the parent called the school every week to get them involved to put an end to the harassment. She