14 Apr 2013

Lovely Cat for Adoption

Cat to good home. My friend’s sister is caring for the cat and won’t send her to animal control, but is highly allergic and can’t keep her. The cat’s around 5 years old. She was a friend’s mother’s cat and the mother passed away last year. The friend’s sister has

16 Nov 2011

OccupySupply goes to OccupyAustin

“Wow, it says OccupySupply on it!”, enthused our first recipient of those warm and fuzzy union made hats. Another hat went to a woman who works at the Welcome Table whose only clothes are the ones on her back – a t-shirt and shorts. Monday night, KrisA and I met

12 Nov 2011

OccupyAustin Intense Day

It was an intense day for OccupyAustin yesterday, November 11.  In the wee hours of the morning Friday, 3 of the young men who’ve been occupying were in a serious car crash unrelated to the occupation.  As I understand it, it was a head on collision.  One of the men

08 Apr 2011

Contribute to Kloppenburg

Time to help the good folks of Wisconsin.

27 Jan 2011

“PFC Bradley Manning Is Not Being Treated Like Every Other Detainee”

According to Bradley Manning’s lawyer David Coombs, PFC Bradley Manning is not being treated like every other detainee.  From the latest entry on his lawyer’s website: Despite the assertion of Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell, PFC Bradley Manning is not being treated like every other detainee at the Quantico brig.  Morrell

11 Jun 2010

One Hour Unedited Video of Israeli Raid

One hour of video smuggled out by Brazilian filmmaker Iara Lee