31 Aug 2010

Sending AIDS to its grave

Words matter, even the little ones. In the late 1982 the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) introduced the term “acquired immune deficiency syndrome,” quickly shortened to “AIDS,” to describe a pattern of unusual illnesses that struck Gay and bisexual men, intravenous drug users, hemophiliacs, and Haitians in the United States. 

30 Jun 2010

Join me at the 6th National Gay Men’s Health Summit

The 6th National Gay Men’s Health Summit will gather together gay men (as well as, bi, trans men, other men who have sex with men and their allies) to reflect on and celebrate gay men’s lives while working on a brighter future for gay men’shealth and wellness. In sunny Ft. Lauderdale,

27 Feb 2010

Md Marriage Acknowledgement points up for divorce reform

For many couples. the opinion of Maryland Attorney General asserting the equal treatment of out-of-state same-sex marriages has led to an unhappy inquiry into state divorces statutes, to ensure that marital rights are not enforced by an estranged spouse.  While the statutory requirement of 12 months' residence in the state

03 Jul 2009

POTUS’ New Clothes

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.    

27 Jun 2009

Obama shame

First LGBT Americans are slammed with indifference on DADT and ENDA, then outright attacked with a defense of DOMA.  Now, HIV prevention efforts through needle exchange are downed in the new budget.  The integrity of this administration has waned seriously.  

23 Jun 2009

Missing while Black

Two year-old Jada Justice has not been seen by her Gary, Indiana, family since last Tuesday.  You would think this would be national news, but it hasn't been.  The child is victim of not only malevolence by someone near to her, but negligence and racism in the media. I was

23 May 2009

PridePsalm: a hymn for our struggle

In 1990, during my fervent Christic phase, these lyrics with an up-tempo revival beat poured out of me one night, along with two other verses which escape memory.  No telling where the original scrawl is, but I offer these words to all who embrace the theology and the gift of

09 Mar 2009

Harvard B-school Prof: Utahans are online pervs

Original story from the Salt Lake Tribune here  <   Utah, the reddest of the red-light states, where Internet porn is not just a dalliance, it’s a way of life. Or so a Harvard Business School professor, who published a study in the Journal of Economic Perspectives , would have

27 Jan 2009

Exploding Heads take Pepsi Boycott to Facebook

It's fabulous that their message boards are open for non-members to read, so one can analyze their convoluted logic for condemning LGBT persons and protesting employer-mandated diversity training. NEWSFLASH:  If you don't like your employer's diversity policy, quit.  http://snipurl.com/ateqr  And it's fascinating to see the cast of characters and to

24 Jan 2009

Lies in the name of Jeebus find new home on Facebook

Just what I wanted to wake up to at 4 a.m., an email from king of the Christianist nutjobs, Don Wildmon, announcing that AFA has arrived on Facebook: I have joined Facebook. Please join me on Facebook and become a friend of AFA ….ed. note: how about I just crap