01 Nov 2013

What You Can Do About LGBT Discrimination by Landlords

Originally published at the Gay Law Report. Usually landlords, whether they are managing a house or apartment, care about one thing: getting paid. But sometimes a landlord will go beyond that. A landlord might decide that a prospective tenant shouldn’t live in the property not because there will be an

04 Jun 2013

Six Ways Obamacare Helps LGBT People

Obamacare is a big deal for LGBT people. As you may know, the Supreme Court  upheld the entire Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as “Obamacare”) last year. I’m an attorney in Orlando focusing on helping same-sex couples, and I’ve been asked from time to time about what changes we should expect with

21 May 2013

New Marriage Equality States Do Nothing to Solve the Problem of Same-Sex Divorce

On election day last year, voters approved gay marriage in Maine, Maryland, and Washington states. Before that year, gay marriage had always lost when put to a popular vote. The popular vote victory indicated a shift in public support for LGBT rights and same-sex marriage. Then, this year Minnesota, Delaware,

17 May 2013

Tax Effects of DOMA Repeal in States Without Gay Marriage

The tax implications of a DOMA repeal in states with gay marriage are much discussed. In short, gay and lesbian couples legally married and living in a same-sex marriage state would be able to file their federal taxes jointly. But what about for couples that do not live in a

15 May 2013

How Supreme Court Marriage Equality Cases Could Affect States Without Same-Sex Marriage

In June the Supreme Court will announce its decision on the two marriage equality cases gay gay and lesbian couples: one about California’s Proposition 8 and the other about the Federal government’s DOMA. On the surface, these cases only affect people that live in states that allow or once allowed

08 Jan 2011

Why DADT Repeal Could Spur More Legal Reforms

I honestly did not think Congress would repeal DADT in their lame duck session. I figured it would be another one of those things where the government talks a lot, but doesn’t do much.  I was wrong.  While actual military change won’t occur for at least another few months, already

08 Jan 2011

If We Let Gays Marry, Should We Let Siblings Too?

If we should allow gay marriage because there’s a fundamental right to marry who you want,then why shouldn’t siblings be able to marry? I’ve an interesting question that I’ve asked many friends, and none could come up with a solid answer. But I just came across an interesting article by

16 Dec 2010

How Health Benefit Tax Reimbursements Work

More employers are offering gay and lesbian employees who cover their domestic partners or same sex spouses with their health care a health benefit tax reimbursement. For example, Facebook earlier this month joined other employers, including Barclays and Google, in offering employees the reimbursement. Why There’s a Problem First, a

15 Dec 2010

What Happens If DADT Is Repealed?

Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the federal policy that prohibits gay and lesbian military from revealing their sexual orientation, could happen during this lame duck session of Congress. The bill on the table for DADT repeal is H.R. 2965. So can LGBT military immediately reveal their sexual orientation if

02 Dec 2010

How the Illinois Civil Union Law Works

Update by Lurleen: Equality Illinois has posted 5 pages of Civil Union FAQs that answer many of the questions posed in the comment section. Wednesday the Illinois legislature passed the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Unions Act. Once the Governor signs it (he says he will), it’ll become law. Here’s