27 Jan 2008

Iowa Toilet Tramps: Matt Sanchez Drama Continues

Just to bring you up to date on one of the most amusing (and confusing) gay-related stories from early 2007:  Last May, Queerty had posted a photo of a much skinnier (and kinda tweeked-out looking) Matt Sanchez; it was sent in to the blog from a reader, who claims someone on

26 Jan 2008

“Ex-Gay” Dancing Monkeys

I still joke about the perverted “ex-gay” quack doctor who I dealt with many years ago, doing absolutely NOTHING but asking me questions about my sexual experiences, my sexual “likes” (as if I had experienced much at that point to even know what positions were my favorite LOL), and the

25 Jan 2008

Homosex, Homosex, Homosex

You've GOT to check out an article over at CNN, where readers can “discuss” a Christian author named Donald Miller. His books have been out for some time, but have been gaining popularity with the TRUE Christians I mentioned yesterday on my blog. Miller has distanced himself from the homosex-obsessed

23 Jan 2008

I Feel Sorry For The Oldschool Republicans

You gotta feel sorry for the oldschool republicans nowadays, because the kooky “christians” have totally ruined their party. The so-called “conservative-christian” movement is slowly but surely going off the deep end, and will soon kook itself into oblivion in the future. At one time, it was all about fiscal conservatism,

08 Dec 2007

Obama Isn’t Worth Your Gay Dollars Or Time

To some in the gay community, Barack Obama is a savior.  Why?  Strictly because he's a democrat.  The same thing applies to Hillary Clinton.  I personally believe the GLBT community should cease all support of Barack Obama.  It has nothing to do with his race, as I'd be perfectly fine

17 Nov 2007

Ex-Straight Therapy Ad

Are you sick of your parents nagging you about grandkids?  Tired of looking like a complete slob?  Do you spend your nights crying because no woman (who's out of your league in the first place) will give you the time of day?  Are you a careless neanderthal who needs a

07 Nov 2007

“Ex-gays” = “Ex-pedophiles”?

The “ex-gays” are a group of bitter, rejected, disturbed, money-grubbing cretins, and one of their favorite activities is running around, and trying to scare everyone into believing “all gays are pedophiles”, and “all gays molest children at a high rate”. ……and these guys were allegedly gay at one time. So

28 Oct 2007

Writing Like James Hartline 101

[The latest column by the savior of the homosexual stronghold of Hillcrest, San Diego, James Hartline, recently said that the firestorms in the area were the work of God’s wrath. Perhaps he should read Rex Wockner‘s blog — the homo areas were spared. — Pam] Want to learn how to

26 Oct 2007

James Hartline’s Shituation

As many of you already know, longtime prison bitch “ex gay” James Hartline has been shrieking and blaming the California wildfires on homosexuals.  The dead-queen-walking has also been going as far as making copycat Fred Phelps remarks, such as “It is coming, surely it is coming after the rebel, the

24 Oct 2007

Random “Ex Gay” Facts

Here's some things I've noticed about “ex gays” over the years: * Most “ex gays” never marry a woman, much less date one. * Most “ex gays” yap about how gays should become straight “for procreation”, yet none of them have children of their own. * Some “ex gays” go