06 May 2010

Religious Conservatism and Its Practical Effects.

Crossposted on my blog Standing at the Intersection of Church and State as “Widening one pothole in the intersection to fill another: Religious conservatism and its practical effects.” with edits to fix formatting issues. With all of the news regarding George Rekers and what he did or did not do with his rentboy,

20 Apr 2010

Mr. Obama, Tell Us When!

With all of the civil disobedience from GetEqual and the lack of responses from the White House regarding DADT repeal, and ENDA, etc, I've created a new Twitter Hashtag: #TellUsWhen.  Let's send a message to Mr Obama and Rahm Emmanuel: Mr. Obama, you promised to be a “fierce advocate” with

14 Mar 2010

Help us elect a Bold, Progressive Governor in Minnesota!

We are declaring a moneybomb in honor of State Sen. John Marty  Help us raise $2000 by Midnight, Friday March 19, 2010. www.actblue.com/page/mnequality Minnesota was once one of the most progressive states in the US.  However, Governor Tim Pawlenty has destroyed much of that reputation.  Under Mr. Pawlenty, the state

20 Nov 2009

When does Church become State?

Crossposted on Standing at the Intersection of Church and State As a Christian, a political liberal, and a gay man, I often find myself chagrined when leaders claiming to speak for one group I am part of say something negative about another group that I am part of. That is

25 Jun 2009

Confessions of a Democratic Flip-Flopper

I'll admit that during the primary season, I tended to be more of a Hillary supporter, and even wrote a diary questioning how then-Candidate Obama seemed willing to 'say anything' as damage control.  Once the primaries were over, I started supporting Obama because he was the Democratic party candidate, who

06 Dec 2008

Dealing with ingrained homophobia, stereotypes, etc. at work

I had a situation come up at work the other day, and the more I think about it, the less certain if the way I handled it was appropriate, or if I missed an 'educational opportunity'–for myself and/or for the other parties involved.  I take calls on the helpdesk for

07 Nov 2007

How do you educate ‘outsiders’ about issues?

As I was posting a comment about this on another diary, I thought that maybe this topic deserved some time of its own, rather than de-railing the topic in another thread.  One common question I've seen reading PHB is how do 'outsiders' request education and enlightenment about 'difficult issues'?  I've seen

30 Oct 2007

Is it just me, or is Obama just saying anything now?

http://visiblevote08.logoonline.com/2007/10/30/obama-on-ellen-gay-unions-now/ I saw this over at the VisibleVote08 blog, and thought I should mention it here. Apparently he was on 'Ellen' recently.  I didn't see the episode either, but with all of the brouhaha over his appearance with certain recloseted anti-gay preachers and singers, and his efforts to appease opposing blocs of