12 Oct 2009

Netanyahu Blackmails UN

Bibi Netanyahu threatens to shut down peace talks if UN adopts Goldstone Report.

09 Aug 2009

Experiencing Ed Perlmutters townhall

Attending yesterdays (saturday) townhall by representative Ed Perlmutter was extremely informative and gave me some insight into what is happening on the right.

29 Jul 2009

Time to Call Glenn Beck’s Advertisers

Glenn Beck has been over the top for some time. Now he has called President Obama a racist. Enough!

04 Apr 2009

CO09 – HB1273 The Colorado Guaranteed Health Care Act

Colorado’s single payer health care legislation cleared its final committee yesterday Friday April 3.

26 Feb 2009

Thinkin Budget Crisis and Other Problems

It may be time to have a realistic debate on legalizing marijuana and taxing it.

22 Feb 2009

Gawd Help Louisiana

Governor Jindal’s appearance On MTP Reinforced One Thing. If your out of Work in LA Your Screwed

04 Feb 2009

Watching the Amendments on the Stimulus Bill

There were many ammendments considered today – mostly from the republican party, some were passed handily with bipartisan support. Two by Sen McCain went down in flames. What I found interesting was Lieberman’s support.

21 Dec 2008

Condoleezza Rice on MTP – Humility is Invading Other Countries to Share Democracy

Condoleezza Rice’s stunning reply to David Gregory’s question on whether GWB’s administration was a humble one

18 Dec 2008

Obama Transition Health Care Community Discussions

After attending a community discussion for health care reform it boosted hope during a transition of disillusion

11 Nov 2008

Stop Obama and Congress Now

It has just been announced on MSNBC that Obama has dropped his opposition to the Columbia Free Trade Agreement.