17 May 2010

Where’s the Accountability in the Department of Interior?

Not long ago, President Obama demanded accountability from a Rhode Island school district and pretty much endorsed the firing of the whole staff of a school. Why not apply the same standards at the Department of the Interior?

15 May 2010

Why No Presidential Press Conferences?

Barack Obama promised as a candidate that he would have the most open and transparent administration in American history. But I guess openness and transparency do not extend to press conferences since the last one Obama held was 10 months ago.

14 May 2010

Obama Breaks Campaign Promise About Spending On AIDS

Add this to the already long list of broken campaign promises and pledges made by Barack Obama. Democracynow reports that he has broken his campaign promies about spending on AIDS.

13 May 2010

“I Need a Freakin Job”: President Obama

A clever group–inafj.org–has put up a huge billboard in Buffalo to attract President Obama’s attention. It reads: “Dear Mr. President, I need a freakin job. Period.



13 May 2010

GREECE: Big Spender on Military Budget

Greece,one of the smaller countries in the European Union, spends more than any other country in the EU on defense as a percentage of its GNP: 3.3%.

11 May 2010

Michelle Obama’s Anti-Obesity Plans Revealed

Michelle Obama is leading the charge against childhood obesity. Here we present her 3 top ideas for keeping kids in shape!

10 May 2010

RentEconomist Jonathan Gruber’s Ties to Goldman Sachs/Hamilton Project/Obama

We’ve all heard in recent days about a prominent gay basher and his hiring of a male prostitute from RentBoy, ostensibly to “carry his bags” but in reality to give him “the long stroke”. In my research on the Hamilton Project, I came across some interesting ties between MIT economist Jonathan Gruber and the Hamilton Project. Gruber, it turns out, carries bags for the Obama administration and the Goldman Sachs, Robert Rubin-funded Hamilton Project. Gruber’s a RentEconomist ready and seems willing to take any economic position you might want, for money that is, lots of it.

08 May 2010

An Updated List of Goldman Sachs Ties to the Obama Government Including Elena Kagan

The pervasive influence of Goldman Sachs and its units (like Goldman-Robert Rubin funded Hamilton Project embedded in the Brookings Institution) in the Obama government are shown here. I have updated an older such list to include more Goldies, including Elena Kagan. This is the largest and most comprehensive list of such ties yet published.

07 May 2010

Barack Obama: “Oil rigs today generally don’t cause spills. They are technologically very advanced.”

On April 2, 2010, just 18 days before the BP offshore oil spill began and on the day when Obama reversed 27 years of government policy forbidding offshore drilling, Obama made this statement.

06 May 2010

Has Obama Brought Chicago-Style Pay to Play to Washington, D.C.?

This diary asks the question: has Barack “Offshore” Obama brought pay to play, Chicago style, to Washington, D.C.?