21 Aug 2014

The Torture Report

Thoughts On Torture The recent revelations came as no surprise. However, now there can be no doubt that the United States tortured people. What are the repercussions? The Senate Team spent five years researching and putting the CIA torture report together. Apparently, it is quite thorough. What now? Knowing this

14 Sep 2013

Kerry Meets With Kissinger. Yuck.

What Advice Could Kissinger Offer It is difficult to trust the judgement or the veracity of what the Secretary of State John Kerry says. If it weren’t bad enough that his talking points don’t explain the real reasons he wants to drop missiles in Syria, the point is further made by the

02 Sep 2013

Syria Update: Deja Vu All Over Again

Bush, et al, lied us into the Iraq debacle in pursuit of “the blueprint for the Middle East.” Could it be that this administration is following the same whacko plan to invade 7 countries in the ME. Whether this is their intent, I don’t know but I do feel confident

28 Aug 2013

Syria: A Cautionary Note

Fool Me Once… Let’s not make the same mistake that we made in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq. I grant that Assad is an awful person. Maybe he could use nerve agents to kill his own people. But this isn’t about “could,” either he did or he didn’t. There are

28 Apr 2013

Cartoonists For Gun Regulations

A video developed by some well-known cartoonists who have been joined together to make the case for gun legislation. I liked the thought and was touched by the message but I also recognize that even with 90% of the people wanting new regulations, the politicians are too beholden to the

27 Mar 2013

Justice Denied: The Iraq Invasion

Most people believe, or at least suspect that Bush, Cheney, Rice, and Rumsfeld lied us into the war with Iraq. They all share in the responsibility for thousands of deaths of U.S. military personnel and hundreds of thousands of (some believable estimates as high as 1.2 million) Iraqi people. If

27 Jan 2013

Child Victims

President Obama made an eloquent and heartfelt speech at the prayer vigil for the people who were killed in Connecticut. The fact that the majority of victims were very young children seems to have broken peoples’ hearts more than any of the other recent school shootings. I have to ask,

14 Sep 2012

A Compelling Need For The Right To Choose

It’s not possible that a sane and compassionate person could deny a victim of rape an abortion. Any person who would, is neither sane or compassionate. I won’t dignify the notion as some have suggested of a magical protective force which keeps women from getting pregnant from rape, except to

24 Jun 2012

Explaining the Banking Crisis

Bill Moyers interviews Matt Taibbi (RollingStone) and Yves Smith (NakedCapitalism). Matt and Yves are extremely bright and well informed regarding the financial sector. The two of them have obvious respect for each other and come at the banking industry from different perspectives but arrive at the same point. All in

13 Jun 2012

NYC Homeless Reaches All-Time High

Cross posted at Our World Report. In an amazingly callous decision, one of the country’s richest individuals, Mayor Bloomberg has ended the low income housing subsidies in New York City. Ending subsidies has resulted in thousands of families with children as well as disabled people to reenter the city’s shelter