18 Jun 2007

Antics with Semantics or How to Insure the Invisible Partner (update)

Good news for non-heterosexual households in Michigan. Michigan State University has a plan to continue providing benefits to persons formerly known as “domestic partners.” (Suddenly I feel like Prince!) Now these family members will be called “other eligible individuals” for the sake of conforming to the restrictively interpreted language of

12 Jun 2007

Marriott Scraps Women Only Floor in West Michigan Hotel

Too bad for all those Michigan Women’s Music Festival gals.  A perfect opportunity missed!  What led to this business decision?  What was behind the women-only floor in the first place?  Fox News coverage

10 May 2007

Hope for LGBT Homeless Youth in Southeast Michigan

http://ourmichigan.b… Up to 42% of homeless and runaway youth identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, according to the National Runaway Switchboard–a number vastly disproportionate to the general population. What does this mean for the Detroit area? Grace McClelland, Executive Director of the Ruth Ellis Center, says we are in