15 Mar 2013

Congressional Research Service Undermined

I don’t know why I try. The saddest fact about America right now is that the media outlets and authors, obviously mostly the MSM, refuse to state some simple facts. Maybe they’re just being lazy. I realize deadlines get in the way of Tea with Hillary, a White House party

22 May 2011

Library of Shame–David Koch

One “American” who has been compared to Russian oligarchs beloved by Librarian of Congress James Billington is David Koch.  When I first started looking into the Madison Council I had seen the names “David Koch,” but it was not until recently that I realized this guy and Billington are a

18 May 2011

Library of Shame–Curt Weldon

Those reading these posts now know about how Russian oligarchs made it to America–via the Library of Congress and its former Sovietologist “Dear Leader.”  Former House Representative Curt Weldon is a perfect example of a corrupt hack brought into this web.  His Library of Congress shenanigans are the primary reason

17 May 2011

Library of Shame–The Russian Connection

This post is not about the Madison Council per se, but does include a number of Madison Council members.  As previously pointed out, the current Librarian of Congress, James Billington, is a former Princeton prof and CIA Sovietologist.  As a one trick pony and one note Johnny, Billington just never

14 May 2011

Library of Shame–Jerry Jones

In looking for a reason for Billington picking Jerry Jones for the Madison Council as some sort of “business advisor” I am really puzzled.  The only thing I can give him credit for is that he actually played college football, unlike the majority of other NFL team owners.  Of course,

05 May 2011

Library of Shame–The Madison Council

Much ink has been spent on just who David Koch is as well as the “Kochtopus.”  If you look at his own website and biography, you will notice that he belongs to only twenty corporate and charity boards.  The only board I have failed to see mentioned by any journalist,