18 Oct 2009

7 yr. old Jazz’s thoughts on being a Transgender Child

 This is is pretty much the most uplifting lil' video I've seen all week. It is guaranteed to make you smile.  All public scrutiny, painful frankness, discomfort, even physical harm I've ever felt in this fight for LGBT rights in this world is worth it — so that this child

01 Jul 2009

Perry v. Schwarzenegger: Is being gay mutable, to the point that gays are not a distinct group?

Timothy Kincaid at Box Turtle Bulletin has a very interesting update on the  Perry v. Schwarzenegger case, which promises to be explosive. His full post is linked here. The upshot is that Judge Walker is asking the appelants whether being gay is immutable or not, as well as whether gay

07 May 2009

California Marriage Equality: A Grassroots Effort? We’ll See.

EQCA has made a public statement / launch of their effort to gain marriage equality in California (below from an email they sent out). THE QUESTION of the day in my mind is how EQCA will truly be open to sharing this fight with the grassroots. The Equality Summit in

15 Feb 2009

Repealing Prop 8 (If the CA Supreme Court Doesn’t)

The California-based Yes! On Equality campaign has been working towards repealing Prop 8, should it prove necessary given the result of the pending case in the Supreme Court of California.  The legality of this case cannot be more clear — we should not put human rights up for a vote,

14 Jan 2009

Yes! On Equality – Repealing Prop 8 in California

The California-based Yes! On Equality campaign launched a 2010 ballot initiative today (the “California Marriage Equality Act”) with the aim of ensuring equal access to marriage for all Californians in accordance with the California State Constitution.  Despite the passage of Proposition 8 in November, 2008 – which effectively banned gay