10 Jan 2011

How much do you really care?

 (Originally published on December 27th, 2010 at Dyssonance.com and then Spectrumcafe.com, this essay of mine is, more or less, something that sets the tone for the next couple years of my life, personally.  Due to recent events, I thought I'd be brave/foolish and publish it here, because the issues involved

02 Dec 2010

Homelessness, Need, and Transgender

It was the week of Thanksgiving 2007.  I had been what is often called “full time” only since that October, barely over a month, and there was no laser treatments for me, and I was incompetent in many areas of self care but eager to learn, though lacking in resources

13 Oct 2010

GetEqual from the inside

On Monday, October 11th, President Obama and Nancy Pelosi visited a DCCC fundraiser held at the Miami home of a basketball player who makes way too damn much money for playing a game.  You've no doubt heard about the Get Equal protest since then, good things and bad things. On

14 Aug 2010

Inalienable Rights: Perry V Schwarzenegger

There is a lot of discussion going on about the recent decision in the Perry Vs. Schwarzenegger case, and the related issues surrounding it. Let's take a moment and look at some facts, some of the arguments being used, and the realities of Law in America. One of the current

31 Jul 2010

So here’s a quickie for ya…

Nothing in particular driving it, other than while I pack all my stuff up and whine about how I can't get anything I do with old fashioned pen and paper done for a while (which is a lot more than I am willing to admit) it popped into my head,

09 Jul 2010

Some Good News around SB1070

Anyone who's followed my postings on the nature of SB1070 will be aware that I am bitterly opposed to the law as it affects both personal, immediate family members and LGBT folks in general, placing them at risk for incarceration needlessly, and that it is an unfunded mandate written and

05 Jul 2010

Trans Medical Care: Health Reform’s failure

(crossposted at dyssonance,com and thespectrumcafe.com)   There's something special about the concept of independence for me, personally. Probably because I'm in a situation of great dependence right now, I suppose. Yesterday, as those who follow events in the US may have been aware, was Independence Day.  A few days ago

07 Apr 2010

Proms and Pretty (ugly) Things

Secret Proms being disguised as birthday parties. Social outcasts being left out and exiled. A school that has lied in court. And, once more, an example of some of the issues that surround all of this, and a reason why it is that the T is part of the LGBT.

10 Feb 2010

Goodbye Disorder, Hello Incongruence!

The working group drafts for the DSM-V are out. They are here: http://www.dsm5.org/ProposedRevisions/Pages/proposedrevision.aspx?rid=193# When you read them, remember a couple things: 1 – These papers are not using regular old everyday English.  Simple words have very precise specific meaning that differ from what you might typically see in a dictionary.

07 Jan 2010

Description, Affinity, Politics, and Identity

This is a continuation of previous columns: What Is Trans, What Is Sex, What Is Gender, and Situational Membership. All are over at Bilerico, and three of them are also presently at my own blog. I'm reposting this particular one here for reasons that are unimportant to anyone but myself,