06 Mar 2013

More Than 2,000 Days Trying to “Figure This Out” – Eric and Jon’s Story

On June 29, 2006 I boarded a flight to New York’s LaGuardia Airport that would completely change my life. It was not my first trip to New York, but it was my first solotrip. I thought that I may be a little crazy for arranging this trip, but I’m a

05 Mar 2013

Doctors with Borders – Amanda & Pallavi

Pallavi and I met in 1999 when we were students at Whittier College in Whittier, CA. Pallavi was on a student visa. She was a nerdy international student and I was a jock-ish college athlete. We may never have met at a larger school so perhaps our union was destined

02 Mar 2013

Holding Hands and Praying for Change

Richard and I met in February 2002 in Calgary Canada. I am Canadian and Richard is American. Initially, Richard was going to move to Canada to be with me, Canada has same-sex marriage and gay couples have all the same rights as straight couples. But Richard wanted to keep his

01 Mar 2013

The Happy Ending Has Yet to Be Written

Helen and I met through a fan-based message board for a British television show. At the time I was living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Helen was in Perth, Western Australia, neither of us knowing that the other existed. Through the message board, Helen and I started e-mailing. At first our

22 Feb 2013

An Experiment in International Living

crossposted at Out4Immigration’s Blog July 1987, an “Experiment in International Living,” that’s what they called the homestay trip that I took as a 16-year-old girl from the United States. I stayed with my Irish host family who immediately paired me with their 16-year-old niece, Karen. We became fast friends and

21 Feb 2013

Successful U.S. Businesswoman Forced to Commute to Los Angeles While Family Lives in Exile

crossposted from Out4Immigration’s Blog American Rita Boyadjian and her German life partner, Mara, met in Cologne, Germany at a European Gay Pride celebration in 2002 while Rita was touring Europe on vacation. They fell madly in love and began a long-distance relationship. After 18-months of flying back and forth every

07 Feb 2013

Kathy And Ana: Four Weddings on Two Continents, But Still No Recognition by U.S. Government

Ana and I “met” in 2008 while we were both participating in an online book club. Although Ana is a Portuguese national, she currently resides in the United Kingdom. We quickly became friends in the book club and in November of that year, I was fortunate enough to have a

06 Feb 2013

Uniting American Families Act (UAFA) for Same-Sex Binationals Introduced in Congress

Bill with Bipartisan Support Would Give Gay and Lesbian Americans with Foreign Spouses Equal Immigration Rights Media Contact: Amos Lim, Out4Immigration, 415-742-1626, amos@out4immigration.org SAN FRANCISCO – FEBRUARY 5, 2013 – The Uniting American Families Act (UAFA), legislation that would provide gay and lesbian Americans with foreign partners equal immigration rights,

12 Dec 2012

Out4Immigration Prepares for SCOTUS Review of DOMA Cases

Out4Immigration Prepares for SCOTUS Review of DOMA Cases Urges Action from Same-Sex Binationals in Lead Up to Court Decision Media Contacts: Amos Lim, Out4Immigration, 415-742-1626, amos@out4immigration.org SAN FRANCISCO – DECEMBER 12, 2012 – Out4Immigration welcomes the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to hear two cases challenging

04 Dec 2012

U.S. Citizen Turning 65 Appeals to Senator Dianne Feinstein for Help

Binational Same-Sex Couples to Congress: “Enact LGBT-Inclusive Immigration Reform!” In 2005, Karin and I met via an online dating site. I hadn’t had much luck with online dating before, but a friend convinced me to try one more time. I gave it my best shot — a long, thoughtful profile