24 Aug 2014

On a light side: To paint the portrait of a bird

When I grew up in France Jacques Prevert was my favorite poet. He once said that war would not be such a bad thing if it only killed soldiers. He allowed a generation to break the artificial boundaries of rhyme and rhythm. Here is my translation of one of my

22 Aug 2014

Senior Hamas Leader Claims Responsibility for the Israeli 3 teens

After weeks of being told that Israel was lying when accusing Hamas of kidnapping and then murdering the three Israeli teens, we are learning it was indeed Hamas behind the kidnapping. I will not re post what some here have said or claimed. Here are the facts, as we know

10 Aug 2014

A solution to the Gaza blockade.

If Gaza and Israel could agree to build a conjoint sea-port on Gaza Northern border with Israel, placed geographically at the border. Both sides would also agree to inspections, either under the auspices of the U.N. or of both parties. Israel can then focus on developing tunnel sensing technology so