31 May 2009

Join Us! Today Is Blogging for LGBT Families Day

Please join the yearly festivities by posting in support of LGBT families! Submit the link at Mombian and I'll add it to the master list for all to see. I know many of you often post about LGBT families–today is simply a day of celebration where we can reach out

31 Oct 2008

Over 400 Posts for Write to Marry Day

Wow. Bloggers contributed over 400 posts for Write to Marry Day, sharing both personal and political reasons for standing against California's Proposition 8. Participants included both LGBT bloggers and non-LGBT allies, parents, people of faith, national and state LGBT and civil rights organizations, and blogs both large and small. Many

27 Oct 2008

Write to Marry Day is October 29

Please join bloggers around the country and around the world to blog in support of marriage equality for same-sex couples and against California’s Proposition 8. Mike Rogers of PageOneQ and I are organizing a blog carnival and we want you to participate. Just post against Prop 8 on your blog

26 Sep 2008

The Sarah Palin Cocktail

For those of you watching the presidential debate tonight, I offer up a libation for your consideration—the Sarah Palin Cocktail: Lipstick on the rim, but nothing inside. Naw. I'm going for something stronger. I think I'll need it. I might also invite some friends to bring over their favorite ingredients

31 May 2008

Blogging for LGBT Families Day

A gentle reminder that the third annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day is this Monday, June 2. Full details are here; the short version is: blog in support of LGBT families on or before June 2, and send me the link. I’ll compile and showcase them at Mombian. I’m already

10 May 2008

Guinea Pigs at Risk

Sometimes, I hate being right. It wasn’t a stretch of the imagination to foresee that the new storybook Uncle Bobby’s Wedding, by Sarah Brannen, would be a target for the right. I didn’t imagine they’d quote me while doing so, however. The conservative publication Town Hall just published the article

06 May 2008

Washington Times Is Confused About Children of LGBT Parents

I don’t usually respond to drivel from the ultra-right, but this one got to me. The Washington Times, in an article titled “Growing Up Confused,” reported Sunday on the memoir “Out From Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting,” by Dawn Stefanowicz. Stefanowicz is the daughter of a gay father who

20 Mar 2008

Bi-Partisan Hypocrisy

From New York magazine’s March 24 article on Eliot Spitzer: One local $1,000 girl known for a thoroughgoing reading of the Times op-ed page said she knew right away it was a Democratic sex scandal, “because if it was a Republican the hookers would have been guys.”

19 Feb 2008

That Pesky Penguin

Yet another school district has made a fuss over And Tango Makes Three, the book about the chick hatched by two male penguins, and the American Library Association’s Most Challenged Book of 2006. The school superintendent of Loudoun County, Virginia, has instructed county elementary schools to take the book out

06 Feb 2008

Babytalk Magazine Under Fire for Article by Lesbian Mom

Patty Onderko is a senior editor at Babytalk magazine. As such, you’d think an article she wrote titled “A Night in the Life of a Sleepless Mom” would be anything but controversial. The focus of the story is about how difficult is was for Onderko to sleep while pregnant. Turns