18 Dec 2010

Dear Senators Hagan, McCaskill, Pryor, Conrad, and Baucus: Our DREAM Is In Your Hands

What if a US Senator could share a meal with a young person who has grown up American, excelled in school, given back to their community, and only needs the DREAM Act to pass so that they can fix their immigration status?

12 Aug 2010

Michigan Dreamer Ivan Nikolov to be Separated from his Fiancee in Unfair Deportation

At 22, Ivan Nikolov has big dreams and his life ahead of him. Yet without his knowledge, his fate might have been already decided by immigration officials when he was a a 12-year-old boy. Learn from his fiancee, a US citizen, about how you can help stop his deportation back to Russia.

28 Jul 2010

Why I Stood Up During Senator Reid’s Speech at Netroots Nation – Let’s Get the Votes for DREAM

In a respectful act of the type of mutual annoyance that was admitted by all at Netroots Nation, I joined three other undocumented people in challenging Majority Leader to help us get the votes for the DREAM Act.