26 Nov 2012

The Vicious Cycle Speeds Up

I have been making similar noises of an impending apocalyptic cataclysmic future eventuality for some time. I think I received the initial premonition approximately that fateful night when I rented “The Road.” But, I digress. I don’t think we’re quite that far gone yet although certain telltale signs are forming

24 Nov 2012

The Other Significance of Thanksgiving Day, 2012

The 49th anniversary of what’s been termed by some the American coup d’etat, I mean. I’m hardly alone in believing it “highly probable” that members of Southern-based organized crime families with connections to Jimmy Hoffa were the conspirators in the murders of JFK, RFK, Hoffa himself and perhaps Martin Luther

22 Nov 2012

What Ceasefire? Oh. You Mean that Ceasefire?

Is that the Strawman King Glenn Greenwald wiping turkey egg off his face after his recent Guardian “commentaries” regarding US warmongering with Israel against Palestine? Where is your update Glenn? At Salon weren’t you also the update king? Was it correct what I read that while 73% of Israelis favoured

13 Nov 2012

The Soc-donk Autopilot II to Take Vacation

Disassociated Press WASHINGTON,DC – Democratic Leadership Council Chairman Harold Ford announced today that the Soc-donk Autopilot II, an automated social media tool cited by experts as one of the critical elements in both the election and re-election of President Barack Obama, will be taking its regularly-scheduled quadrennial maintenance at an

12 Nov 2012

Political Movements and Moving the Mythical Center

Winning politicians and parties calculate and implement election strategies not for a “center” of the political spectrum, but across as broad an ideological base as necessary to gather sufficent votes to win. The “center” we describe isn’t in itself ideological, in fact its place isn’t fixed and it’s not necessarily

10 Nov 2012

Five Election Takeaways for White Middle Class Third Party Progressives

1. The future challenge for white middle class third party progressives is 100% the same as the challenge facing the GOP: embrace non-white America or go the way of the DoDo bird In fact one can grab at random any of the instant analysis pundit pastries available from the wide

03 Nov 2012

Why I’m Voting and for Whom

I’m a strategic voter. There is a place for idealism in our political calculations because idealism is one of the definitive human virtues that sets us apart from animals, for better and for worse. Yet, idealism is so easily manipulated, perverted and abused by cynical power structures, especially during the

29 Oct 2012

Third Party War with Iran on the Ballot?

Today, Swami Donkeynanda (AKA myFDL’s asshat-in-chief) shall debunk yet another molecule of the recessive “uniparty” meme that animates the activism [irony alert] of the few, the proud, the MyFDL echo chamber. Fed gratefully for the prior several years from the baloney tray of disingenuous ideological propagandists such as pro-Citizen’s United

27 Oct 2012

The “Nixon was a Liberal” Meme Debunked

So many false memes provide a junk food intellectual diet for progressive infotainment addicts, so little time to debunk them all. In today’s homily, Swami Donkeynanda shall consider one of the most enduring. The currently en vogue progressive cliche “Richard Nixon was to the left of Obama” (or its variant

25 Oct 2012

Johnson, Stein Advance in White Middle Class Third Party Debate Playoffs

Gary Johnson trounced all cummers, including the great white green hope, Jill Stein, in the unscientific polling taken after the herstoric, first online debate of third party candidates ever to be moderated by the still living (still loving) Legendary Larry King Live! (Asside: I gotta admit I kinda miss the