25 Jul 2008

The Spin I’m In: The Final Spin Out

When I first started blogging here in July of 2006 I hardly knew what blogging was. My friend Jane Hamsher asked me if I would do a play-list every week and I kind of turned that into The Spin I’m In. Well, it’s been just over two years that I’ve been writing and it’s been a blast here at Firedoglake with all of you, but most good things must come to an end.

18 Jul 2008

The Spin I’m In:…If It Ain’t Got that S’Wing

Sadly, I did not have a Swing Wing when I was a child but it certainly would’ve explained a few things. In fact, it looks like one of my stage moves. Why these didn’t take off is beyond me.

11 Jul 2008

The Spin I’m In: “Why Are People Talking?”

I saw Stevie Wonder for the first time the other night at the Hollywood Bowl. He’s been on the list that resides in my mind of “Artists I Must See Live” for as long as I’ve had the list. It was so exciting. There he was in the flesh, dressed in a white suit at his keyboards delivering the goods. His voice was great, his band was great, he’s the man.

04 Jul 2008

The Spin I’m In: Red, White and Blue Suede Shoes

This week’s playlist is inspired by a terrific show that I’m listening to right now on National Public Radio called Whole Lotta Shakin’. It’s a history of rockabilly hosted by Rosie Flores. Something to be proud of.

27 Jun 2008

The Spin I’m In: Veni, Vidi, Vici

Enjoy this week’s playlist, I’ll be in comments, drop on by and hang out for a while.

20 Jun 2008

The Spin I’m In: Partial to Prado

The sound quality on the YouTube clip is a bit harsh, but I just couldn’t resist sharing Perez Prado’s tambourine moves with you all. What’s shaking your tambourine today?

13 Jun 2008

The Spin I’m In: All Apologies (Again)

Hey hi howdy Firepups, Fini Finito filling in for Donita once more while she is on the road to Chicago after storming my hometown of Indy last night. She of course proceeded to tear the house down at the Ugly Monkey and Donita, Dee and their bandmates Dat, Alan the Italian and Logan were absolute ladies and gentlemen as they partied at the club afterwards.

06 Jun 2008

The Spin I’m In: Traffic Jammin’

Hey hi howdy Firepups! FiniFinito here on behalf of the NYC-traffic-jam-delayed Donita Sparks who is currently stuck in crosstown traffic (hence the Hendrix video above) as she prepares to begin her 2008 US Tour in Hoboken, NJ tonight at Maxwell’s, which I am told is one of the finer rock n roll establishments in an area full of them in the tri state area.

30 May 2008

The Spin I’m In: One More for the Roadie

My band The Stellar Moments and I are about to hit the road again for a tour of the East Coast and Midwest. Most of the preparations are in place but I’m down to the wire with some as usual: book flights, arrange rental gear in NYC, van rental, T-shirts printed, CDs shipped to NYC, etc.

23 May 2008

The Spin I’m In: Making Time

I’ve got to run to soundcheck, I have shows in Long Beach and San Diego this weekend and my boots still need duct taping. Have fun in “comments”, play nice.