16 Jan 2013

Vampires are not a myth. They live among us.

There is no recovery except for the very rich. The depression will continue and deepen because of union busting by Obama and Democrat and Republican state governments. Union busting drives wages down and as they decline working people aren’t able to buy what they produce. 1 in 728 homes received

10 Jan 2013

Time to put some feet to the fire. Some questions for Obama supporters and voters.

Obama,  the Clinton Clone is back to business as usual. he’s inviting another right wing christian bigot, Louie Giglio, to  give the benediction at his second inaugural. It seems that his ‘evolution’, just in time for the election is now a devolution. This is not an isolated incident. Another bigot

08 Jan 2013

Regime change begins where? It begins at home.

The Vietnam War era student and youth uprising and the rise of Black nationalism in the US led the LBJ and Nixon administrations to launch massive but ad-hoc attacks on American civilians. There were many murders, from Malcolm X and his associates like Abdullah H. Abdur-Razzaq, then known as James Shabazz to dozens

06 Jan 2013

A Wal-Mart workers wage is $13,650 a year, the Wal-Mart CEO makes $16,826.92 an hour, and Sam Walton’s litter is worth over $100 billion = Revolution.

Ownership of the commanding heights of the economy is what gives the rich their power to get richer at the expense of workers. That’s been the Marxist or socialist view since Das Kapital was published. (1) The rich outright own The Democrats and Republicans and the political prostitutes who run

04 Jan 2013

The United States government is, far and away, the greatest threat to world peace.

They have well over 700 military bases girding the globe, They’re armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction including hundreds of tactical nuclear weapons and 2,150 operationally deployed strategic US nuclear warheads. to say nothing of chemical and biological weapons, which the US has ‘renounced’ but remains capable

03 Jan 2013

Which Party, Democrat or Republican, will be the next Whigs? Or will both fall into History’s Big Dumpster?

As the squabbling inside and between both parties over austerity and union busting heats up, both parties are in for a period of irresolvable internal fracturing. So far that’s taken the form of fence jumping by governors and Senators and the use of the ‘independent’ option but there exists the

20 Dec 2012

“The truth of the matter is that my policies are so mainstream that if I had set the same policies that I had back in the 1980s, I would be considered a moderate Republican.” Obama

— President Obama, in an interview with Noticias Univision 23. ABC News, 12 15 2012 http://abcnews.go.com/ABC_Univision/Politics/obama-considered-moderate-republican-1980s/story?id=17973080. Too bad he waited until after the election to admit that and I’m not so sure about the ‘moderate’ part. Obama cultists and Democrats have four more years to get used to the political

19 Dec 2012

Greece, like Egypt, enters a pre-revolutionary period

The long predicted results of the German central bank (Deutsche Bundesbank) and European Central Bank/European System of Central Banks (ECB/ESCB) joint imposition of severe austerity measures on working people in Greece is now official and a harbinger of things to come here. The Wall Street Journal (via Political Wire) of

18 Dec 2012

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Welcome to Greece, the line is crossed. The ‘fiscal cliff’ is a maneuver to enrich the rich and pauperize workers as a whole by sacrificing retired workers. It was inevitable once Obama was elected. Attacks on the standard of living of workers and retired workers has always been his goal. Obots, Democrats and other sellouts did this. The leadership of the

11 Dec 2012

Community organizer or Caesar. What Obama is and what he is not.

Obama is not some liberal community organizer gone sour. He is a mass murderer and a determined opponent of the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the US. Obama, like all presidential candidates, was carefully screened and his loyalty to the rich insured before he ran for office. His two