11 Jun 2012


I’ve read alot of Posts by members of FDL and as critical you may be I can’t disagree how we have been sold out by our Leaders.  We’re fighting a win less war but when going into battle nothing is certain.  I think democracy is failing and as much as

10 Jul 2011

Finally, someone gets the question asked to the President why his such a whimp

Oddly,  I just happened to watch some local news this morning only to find our local news person Jean Enersen from King5 Seattle gets a one on one interview with the President.    She gets the opportunity to give a question written on a napkin from a passenger she met on

26 Mar 2011

Lobbyist poised to re-write Health Care Law

As we sit the Nations Insurance Commissioner’s are meeting and potentially taking action to allow Broker’s Commissions to be excluded from the computation of Insurance company cost.  This would be a major victory by Insurance Lobbyist to further erode any cost savings that the new bill tried to curtail.  It

03 Dec 2010

Obama Cave In

It is commonly said that Comedy is Medicine for the Soul.  Today on The Ed Show Liz Winstead made a fantastic one liner that is profound in it’s meaning, laughable in its presentation and sums up where we are at this moment. Question Ed: Liz the Big Story, Decision coming