13 Aug 2014

Stream Coverage of Protests in Ferguson LIVE now.

Watch the  protests in Ferguson, MO unfold LIVE at this link: http://www.ustream.tv/RealAlexJones   Although the demonstration has been entirely peaceful today, police are out in full force with armoured vehicles, camo, riot gear, and yes, sniper rifles pointed at protesters.  https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bu9A0J6CYAIR4Jq.jpg:large   The police sniper is reportedly constantly aiming at

07 Jun 2014

Please vote myFDL contributer ‘The Radical Democrat’ for Turkey’s citizen journalism of the year award

Since the Turkish resistance at “Occupy Gezi” exploded last year, one of the most important sources of information and commentary that helped apprise the international community of  events and news updates has been “The Radical Democrat”.  The blog site, written in English by Istanbul political analyst and activist @Obefintlig,  has

07 Dec 2013

#Gezi Park Documentary Screening

Six months after the protests began, Turkish film maker @GeziDoc is premiering episode 2 in his series on the uprisings that began in a tiny park in Istanbul and went on to inspire the world.  The film contains both familiar and rare/never before seen footage shot from on the ground

06 Jan 2012

Welcome to the Occupy Tacoma Camp – A Brief Tour…

A $100 grocery gift card from Fire Dog Lake’s occupy supply arrived just in time for the end of the holiday season at Occupy Tacoma.  The camp, which is now the only full time occupation in western Washington State, was delighted to stock up on sorely needed staples…coffee, creamer, sugar

15 Dec 2011

Mic Check: A Message to Firedoglake from Occupy Tacoma

It’s been a busy few weeks at Occupy Tacoma.  We can’t thank you enough for your second package filled with thermal underclothing, fleeces, jackets, hats and facemasks.  The weather has been hovering in the 30’s all week, and so many occupiers have expressed their sincere gratitude for the extra warmth

02 Dec 2011

Occupy Tacoma, WA receives much needed warm weather gear from OccupySupply!

It was a cold morning today in Tacoma, WA, with temperatures in the mid 20’s, and members of Occupy Tacoma couldn’t be more thrilled to receive their first delivery of warm weather gear from Firedoglake’s Occupy Supply.   The camp, which is nearing it’s 2 month birthday (Dec 15), has about