03 Jun 2011

Connecticut’s Gender Inclusive Anti-Discrimination Is Now Being Heard In The Senate

HB6599: An Act Concerning Discrimination is being heard now in the Senate, this is the last hurdle that the bill has to face. Governor Malloy has promised to sign the bill and is actively lobbying for the bill, now it all comes down on the Senate. The Republicans have introduced

25 May 2011

If You Live In Connecticut We Need Your Help

The gender inclusive Anti Discrimination bill, HB6599, will come up for a vote any day. The Republicans have introduced some really horrible amendments and we have to stop them from being voted on. You can read theamendments here (Warning take your blood pressure meds first) HB 6599 In the House

19 May 2011

Connecticut House Passes HB6599!!!!!!

After over 5 1/2 of debate the House passes the gender inclusive anti-discrimination bill with a vote of 77 – 62. The bill was not on the House “Go List” this morning but it was called at a little after 5 this afternoon, a series of uncalled amendments were offered and

22 Apr 2011

Connecticut Anti-D Bill Receives A Favorable Report…

The Connecticut anti-discrimination bill HB6599 received a favorable report from the Office of Fisical Analysis and is given a House Calendar Number. Equality Day (Lobbying Day) is next Thursday April 28 from 10 to 1 in the old Judiciacy Committee room in the Capitol. http://www.ctequality.com/equality-day-2011/ Please come to Equality Day

06 Apr 2011

HB6599 Passes The Judiciary Committee With No Amendments

After a lengthy debate with the introduction of three amendments, the bill passed the committee without any amendments. As soon as the co-chair introduced the bill, Rep. Rowe introduced a bathroom amendment. The amendment used the same exemption that the anti-discrimination statute used for sex segregated facilities. Under questioning Rep.

05 Apr 2011

Connecticut Anti-D Bill Passes the Judiciary Committee

The gender identity and expression anti-discrimination bill HB6599 past the Judiciary Committee with no amendments added! They tried to add three amendments… One was a bathroom amendment that required that you use the bathroom of your birth gender until you had surgery. The next was a teacher amendment, the amendment

23 Mar 2011

The Judiciary Committee Hearing on An Act Concerning Discrimination – FIC & CT Right to Life Testim

Here are a couple of video clips that are posted on Rep. Holder-Winfield YouTube Channel. The first clip is the testimony of Peter Wolfgang and of FIC and the question that Rep. Holder-Winfield ask him… Then later on in the hearings William O’Brien of the CT Right to Life gave

22 Mar 2011

The CT Judiciary Committee’s Hearings On The Gender Inclusive Anti-Decimation Bill

Yesterday, I spend the day (8:00am – 8:15pm) at the Legislative Office Building (otherwise known as the LOB) waiting to testify in favor of HB6599 An Act Concerning Discrimination. It was a very long day of sitting around.  The hearing opened with a statement from Governor Malloy’s General Counsel,  Andrew

26 Feb 2011

We Always Have To Be Vigilant, Even In States That Have Gender Inclusive Anti-D Laws

In Maine Republican Rep. Fredette has introduced a bill to repeal part of the state's anti-discrimination law. He wants to amend the law to allow “operators” to determine what bathrooms or showers a transgender person can use. Fredette, a former member of the Maine Human Rights Commission who was elected

22 Jan 2011

Connecticut Rep. Holder-Winfield Introduces A Gender Identity and Expression Bill

Yesterday Rep. Holder-Winfield introduced a bill “An Act Prohibiting Discrimination in the Bases of Gender Identity and Expression”(HB5901) in the House of Representatives that will add gender identity and expression to the state’s current anti-discrimination statute. The bill will again be raised in the Judiciary Committee this session. This is