30 Oct 2013

This is my planet

This is my home, I have no other, like the rest of you. All of our atoms came from it and will return to it when we die. Just because there are people who say that they own it, and therefore me, that doesn’t mean that they do. Just because

27 Aug 2013

Napolitano and Cyber Threats

Per this story (and the many others that came out about this), it’s hard for me to not think: 1. We cause the cyclical terrorism that we’re “fighting” so what do we bloody expect? 2. The Powers That Be will pull some homegrown cyber attack b.s. to say, “Told you

20 Jul 2012

Political agreements and individual change

We aren’t being truthful with ourselves.  We’re blaming our government for the problems we perceive in the world – the wars, the warming, the lack of resources, the tension and hate – like Frankenstein blaming his monster for the destruction he caused. A government is an agreement.  Idealistically, we are