09 Nov 2010

Beck: “Domestic Terror Attack Imminent; Violent Left Wing Americans will be behind it”

Let me see if I have this correct, Professor Beck: It is time to re-open the McCarthy hearings, isn’t it? Socialist is not a political party, like Republican or Democrat, Socialist are all, every single one of then, violent radicals who have a stock of Soviet issued weapons and we are just waiting for the go sign from our fearless socialist leader, Barack Obama before we take to the streets and round you all up.

08 Nov 2010

Democrats vs. Republicans: A Call to Arms

George Bush and Republicans all, every last one of them, are shit stains on the sweat drenched panties of a 2 dollar street walker who is suffering from rectal bleeding in the aftermath of a Taco Bell binge on humid night on mean streets of Memphis.

Is that clear?

26 Oct 2010

Pentagon: “WikiLeaks and Julian Assange Have Blood On Hands”

The 400, 000 documents released several days ago will take years for historians to go through, but the Pentagon wasted no time framing WikiLEaks as public enemy number 1.

21 Oct 2010

This is Not MoveOn.Org’s Bulls**T Campaign Ad

This Ad is not paid for by the corporate front groups, oil billionaires, or foreign entities that are trying to buy this election for the Republicans.

06 Oct 2010

This is theFuture the TEA PARTY is Fighting for: Firefighters Let Home Burn as Owner Didn’t Pay Fee

Guided by the nurture they received suckling at the breast of Ayn Rand and her Regressive zombies followers, firefighters in Obion County Tennesse, reporting to the scene of a house fire, stood and watched the house burn to the ground without ever wasting so much as mouthful of saliva on dousing the flames because the homeowner had failed to fork over the $75 subscription fee for fire protections service.
Tea Party Terrorists: This is what your future looks like

04 Oct 2010

An Open Letter To Jon Stewart

I am one of the growing legion who plan on attending the Rally to Restore Sanity on October 30th, and my hopes are high. Why? Because I am going insane and I would like very much thank you to have my sanity restored.

And because the world we live in, the unfolding 21st century with America behind the wheel is currently in a slow motion suicide; a tragedy fit for Shakespeare, or at the very least-a new Showtime series. And in Shakespeare, it is often the court jesters who exhibit the most wisdom. On Showtime it dope dealing single Mom’s. As appealing as Mary Louise Parker is on weeds, I doubt future generations will be gleaning life lessons from the “Tao of Nancy Botwin.”

So, I’m hoping, Mr.Stewart, that you are onto something as wise – and as funny, as a Shakespearean fool.

21 Sep 2010

Glenn Beck & The Tea Party: “Our Children Will Be Sold as Slaves to China”

Glenn Beck, saving American Children, one child at a time:

29 Jul 2010

Lady Gaga: Pop Star for the End of America

Not only are every one of her growing legion of pubescent twitter and facebook little monsters taking to typepad and blogspot to deconstruct her latest video, but a growing legion of pundits, pop critics and philosophers are laboring to see both the forest and the trees and connect Gaga to this historical moment.

08 Jul 2010

Why the USA Should Watch the World Cup Final

So perhaps, my fellow Americans, uh- I mean, fellow citizens of the U.S.A., we should start finding some common ground with the rest of the developed world. Healthcare for all? Not for you USA? Okay, uh… A foreign policy that did not expand upon the Bush Doctrine? If nothing else, how about you walk into your neighborhood pub Sunday afternoon, order yourself a Cervaza and join the rest of the world in watching the most exciting sporting event on the globe?

12 Jun 2010

The 2010 FIFA World Cup: a socialist plot to subvert capitalism and take over the world.

Why is the America the lone holdout in the entire world to hold real football in disdain? Cuz we are Cowboys. We are Hypercapitalist war mongering Cowboys.