09 May 2009

FDL Book Salon Welcomes Benjamin Page, Class War? What Americans Really Think About Economic Inequality

Anyone unlucky enough to watch much Cable news in the weeks following the 2008 Presidential election was informed repeatedly by various talking heads that “America is (still) a center-right nation.” While the precise meaning of this claim remained somewhat vague, its deployment seemed desired to send a signal to the Democratic Party, who’d dramatically swept into power over the last two election cycles, that they should bear in mind the fundamental centrist conservatism as they govern, lest they go too far and suffer an electoral backlash for their overreach. This concern often appears alongside the claim that Obama’s tax plan, which raises the upper marginal tax rate to 1990’s levels (and well below average 20th century rates) along with small tax cuts for 95% of Americans, constitutes an act of ‘class warfare.’