30 Nov 2012

The USA Morality play

A good friend of mine recently became Swiss. He is looking to let go of his American passport to escape the madness of the American Empire as much as possible on this planet. He asked me in a recent email: The USA has become a very weird place in many

26 Jul 2012

Worlds first 3D printed gun

This is indeed terrifying… 3D printed guns. as the article says: this was predicted months ago in a TED talk on Radical Openness by Mark Goodman.Our own creativity has frightening potential for bad, and awesome potential for good. Make your choices wisely today. The world’s first 3D-printed gun is a

17 Apr 2012

Debt and Civilization

It’s amazing how long debt has been a feature of both civilization and wars. Michael Hudson has done a lot of digging (almost literally) into ancient Sumerian and Babylonian records and recently was interviewed. His recent interview is at Renegade Economists radio show, transcript at his site. In this interview he notes

26 Nov 2011

Depression and Inflation possible?

There is something about the impending crisis which I have been having a hard time thinking through… and I may not be alone. So I just want to put it down here. Let us just for the sake of backdrop take the following actions by respective economic powers as possible

14 Oct 2011

How Banksters use Universities for rent extraction: HuffPost

I wrote previously that Universites were becoming part of Finance Capital’s move into all the areas of what used to be public goods owned by the people. They have become merely conduits for recruitment of suckers for a financial rent taking. Now the Huffington Post has a new article showing exactly how this

10 Oct 2011

Universities, Democracy and Bankers

Someone posted to a Facebook friend a lament on the decline of Universities in the US. To which I responded. I edit the response here. Actually you have to look through your simple conception of the University, it’s place in education, and the needs of the elites as they have grown to

04 Oct 2011

Japanese reports of Plutonium in soil: “people should not be concerned”

The Japan Times online had a nice way of putting it in their Report of long-range plutonium find tardy. The speed of updating the Japanese public on the potential health hazards has struck me previously in my blog. I found this amazing in this latest post: “Plutonium won’t do harm

27 Sep 2011

Chinese Capitalism: The new world standard

The Chinese model of capitalism is becoming the new (lower) world standard. Anti-worker and anti-regulation activism on the part of even “new” capitalists, will lead to abuse with impunity on the part of American employers. The stories of exploitation of workers’ fragile job prospects, and the spectre of unemployment are

17 May 2011

Japan’s Nuclear Safety Commission admits to being liars – or at least parsimonious with the truth

In the British Parliament it is not allowed to call someone a “liar.” It is for this reason that Members of that august body have come up with such grand circumlocutions as “My esteemed Colleague is being parsimonious with the truth!” Now just so we get our language right when

13 May 2011

Fukushima: It’s worse

Several people picked up on the Fukushima updates recently. A hat-tip to  Krista Mahr of Time Online who in her article Fukushima: Er, Sorry…Worse Than We Thought repeats what I said yesterday about it being worse than we thought and pointed me to a Yomiuri Online report. The Yomiuri Shimbun