26 Nov 2009

The “War on Thanksgiving?”

From: http://www.tips-q.com/1638591-war-thanksgiving This gem is from Christian Newswire: The war over Thanksgiving as a holiday began when a generation was taught that the holiday's first setting was Pilgrims being saved from starvation by Native Americans. This war continues with a President that defines it as a time to thank each other.

24 Nov 2009

Top God Tube Video Questions Christian Vitriol

This is one of the most watched videos on GodTube (now Tangle). I am serving this video stream locally to avoid some of the bandwidth, embedding  and other issues associated with Tangle.  This is a video that Peter and Bam Bam won't like very much. I haven't a clue how

21 Nov 2009

Tackling Dummy – “Christians are the new Negro”

Cross-posted from: http://www.tips-q.com/1620540-tackling-dummy-christians-are-new-negro The rabidly anti-gay Ken Hutcherson, a former Seattle Seahawks linebacker, is pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, Washington.  I have speculated that “Hutch,” as he likes to be called, took too many hits while wearing an ill-fitting helmet. Hutch has now turned to the stimulating pages

21 Nov 2009

I Want to Marry my Rottweiler

Cross-posted from: http://www.tips-q.com/1621474-i-want-marry-my-rottweiler Opponents to marriage equality are perfectly content to make dishonest arguments. That includes the Manhattan Declaration,  an anti-choice, anti-gay statement of “principles” signed by more than 125 right wing Christian literalists. Signers include Robby George, Maggie Gallagher, Frank Schubert, Tony Perkins and James Dobson. There is nothing

11 Nov 2009

Unscrupulous Demagoguery

X-Posted from: http://www.tips-q.com/1587845-unscrupulous-demagoguery A few years ago, I was shot at close range and seriously injured. The .45 caliber bullet failed to end my life as intended. It's journey confirmed a basic law of physics that two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time. As the projectile

06 Nov 2009

A brief comment on Question One

Cross-posted Cleve Jones reminded me that it is irresponsible to critique a campaign unless you are there. I wasn't there. It is probably a good thing that I don't manage these endeavors because I get too angry. I learned a long time ago that my abrasive New York City demeanor

03 Nov 2009

Damn, I Hate This Crap

cross-posted from http://www.tips-q.com/1558023-damn-i-hate-crap Here we go again. Gays probably represent 5% of the electorate in Maine and Washington and we are the only ones with any skin in these contests. Ballot initiatives that affect only us will be decided by the 95% of voters who aren't us.  Just looking at

30 Oct 2009

WaPo-150; Brown-2,000; Gallagher-3,000; Evans-4,000

Cross posted from: http://www.tips-q.com/1544220-wapo-150-brown-2000-gallagher-3000-evans-4000 Brian Brown of National Organization for Marriage is not only full of crap but he doesn't have the common sense to browse the web before he lies. The Washington Post claimed that there were about 150 attendees at last Sunday's marriage “rally”  in the District of

26 Oct 2009

Bill Criswell’s Willing Accomplices in his War on Gays

Cross-posted from: http://www.tips-q.com/1523980-bill-criswells-willing-accomplices-his-war-gays Updated: 10/27 — We had previously indicated that Palmer Advertising was involved in the media purchasing of Stand for Marriage Maine/National Organization for Marriage. This was based, in part, on the statement of Kristen Amador who insisted that she was acting as an employee and the confirmation by

25 Oct 2009

NOM/SFMM Media Buys

This feels like one of Rogers' pre-outings.  I just got off the phone with the person who is actually doing all of the media purchasing for Criswell. I think that I ruined her whole day. However, before she hung up on me, she did confirm the story. Stay tuned. This