28 Oct 2014

Narrow is the Gate

By David Glenn Cox Caution – The following is intended only for mature audiences – if you are easily offended by logic or common sense, please return to the comfort and safety of your television set. I’ve had this up my nose for a while now. Political events and court

14 Oct 2014

Not Cool Anymore

    When I was twelve years old, I could look at another kid and tell their age on sight. Once I became an adult, I lost that ability. After having children, I could look at an infant and tell its age within a month or two, as my kids

05 Oct 2014

Never Played in the Rain

Nobody wants to be a bad guy; obviously, everybody wants to be the good guy. The CVS Pharmacy chain has phased out its tobacco sales because…they’re good guys. They still sell soft drinks high in corn syrup. Candy, snack foods, along with over the counter medicines of questionable value, but

26 Sep 2014

Finding Zero

A Facebook meme pictured a sign, “We are out of French Frizes.” Underneath was the comment, “This guy wants $15.00 per hour.” We’re taught and conditioned each day to hate our fellow-man. If the minimum wage were indexed to inflation, the current minimum wage would be around $22.00 per hour.

20 Sep 2014

Fairy Tales

By David Glenn Cox This fairy tale begins with “Once upon a time.” All the best fairy tales begin with “Once upon a time.” It seems however, the practice has fallen out of favor, especially among broadcast news circles; which routinely tell stories far more fantastical than talking frogs, glass

11 Sep 2014

A Country without Dreams

By David Glenn Cox It is September the 12th, 1962; President John F. Kennedy is speaking at Rice University: We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained, and new rights to be won, and they must be won and used for the progress

05 Sep 2014

Hain’t We Got All the Fools?

By David Glenn Cox In 1884, Mark Twain published his masterwork, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. A satirical, subversive tome about the failure of reconstruction and the failure of the United States to come to grips with the lingering question of race. Twain was one of the most powerful and influential

28 Aug 2014

Mike Tyson – Modern Intellectual

      I’ve spent two days in the dentist’s office recently. A tooth of mine had defected from my employment, making its demands known through the most outrageous protest and misconduct. Anyone who knows anything about the dentist’s office is well aware of the dangers of the chair. That

20 Aug 2014

The Golden Shovel Days

In his 1989 documentary Roger & Me, Michael Moore examined the demise of Flint, Michigan, after GM shuttered its auto assembly plants and moved them to Mexico. In an effort to revitalize the economy, the convention and visitors bureau set off with a plan to bring tourists to Flint and

16 Aug 2014

Murder is Murder

Cross posted from : ALifeAhead   It was in Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C. when I saw the first sign which read, “I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.” Corporations are legal people and board members can be held responsible for the criminal acts of the corporation, so