29 Mar 2008

Blackface and Gay Ridicule at North Dakota State University

(Also see Blender Patrick’s excellent diary on this subject.) Officials at North Dakota State University are under fire for a performance held by a student organization to raise money for a diabetes charity. The students of the university-supported, coeducational Saddle and Sirloin Club for agriculture majors depicted what multiple eyewitnesses

11 Mar 2008

The Fox and the Weasels: CENTCOM Commander Resigns under Pressure from White House

In the wake of a favorable profile article just published in Esquire magazine, CENTCOM commander Admiral William Fallon, a former fighter pilot with the nickname "Fox," has resigned. The Esquire article, written by former Pentagon official Thomas P.M. Barnett, describes what had been the Admiral's on-going "challenge" to official Bush

08 Mar 2008

Hastert Seat Taken by Dem Physicist

In a special election in the solidly Republican Chicago exurbs comprising Illinois' 14th Congressional District, Democrat Bill Foster, a businessman and former physicist at Fermilab, has defeated Republican Jim Oberweis, a dairy industry magnate, to complete the remainder of the term of Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the U.S. House

02 Mar 2008

The Statins Ruse

Health Beat has a two-part article, "The Cholestrol Con," by Maggie Mahar, about how the American public once again got hoodwinked into spending billions of dollars on useless drugs that researchers knew were no better than cheap, over-the-counter products. In this case, for most people, it turns out that aspirin

27 Dec 2007

The Lioness Fallen

Benazir Bhutto, former prime minister of Pakistan, is dead, murdered by a suicide assassin whose kill shot hit her in the neck before his bomb butchered dozens of others at a political rally. (Pakistan’s Interior Ministry on Friday amazingly claimed she was killed hitting her head on a sunroof lever

08 Dec 2007

Time Magazine Conflates Destroyed Torture Tapes, ‘Conspiracy Theorists’

Referring to the tapes the CIA destroyed of men being tortured by American interrogators, the title of the Time magazine story on the matter is thus: “The Destroyed Tapes: A Boon for Conspiracy Theorists.” Isn’t that just special?! The principal crime is torture; the subsequent crime is destruction of the

22 Jul 2007

In Honor of the New American Century

As a graphical treat for concerned American citizens everywhere, the Dark Wraith offers this animated image, suitable for sidebar placement on any Weblog or legitimate Website. (Click on it to see a really big version.) However, those contemplating posting this graphic should first consider the possibility that doing so will

19 Jul 2007

Right-Wing Judge Dismisses Suit by Spy Exposed by Bush Administration

U.S. District opinion, Bates held that White House officials were acting within the scope of their duties in talking with the press about Plame and her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, who had exposed lies the Administration was using to justify the necessity for a pre-emptive war against Iraq. The

18 Jul 2007

Individual Campaign Contributions to Date by Party and Candidate

From the most recent information filed with the Federal Elections Commission by declared candidates competing in the 2008 President Election, the graphics below offer broad and detailed views on the individual contributions, and the beneficiaries thereof, made during the campaign to date. The first graphic shows total individual contributions to

17 Jul 2007

Exit as Stage Prop

Before opponents of continued American involvement in Iraq elevate their hopes too much over what appears to be new-found vigor in congressional Democrats baiting Republicans into a filibuster on a resolution for a troop withdrawal timetable, it might be worth the effort to read what Time magazine has to say