28 Feb 2012

Progressive Idiocy: Did You Know That Mitt Romney’s Really Rich?

Caption: Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. You may not have been aware of this, but he’s way richer than I am. Image credit: Jessica Rinaldi/Wikimedia Can we talk? I mean, really. Put down that glass of whatever, and try to find something to lean on, because I don’t want you

01 Dec 2011

Brutality Or Stupidity?

For me, it’s hard to tell which in this video. It’s of last night’s Occupy Philadelphia protests, with police horses injuring a reporter who is in the crowd. Kevin Gosztola referred to it in a Twitter message as being a deliberate attack, but if you watch the video carefully, it

03 Nov 2011

The Price Of Freedom: Religious Expression

Over at her new home at Free Thought Blogs, Maryam Namazie wrote this: Today, the [French] weekly [Charlie Hebdo] was firebombed for publishing a special edition on the Arab Spring and calling itself Charia (Sharia) Hebdo for the occasion. Mohammad was featured as the ‘guest editor.’ In solidarity with Charlie

29 Oct 2011

The Rich And The Power To Demand

The rich are just like the rest of us, we’re told, they just have more money. If that’s true, they’re not like each other, either. I wish I could see that a little more clearly.

12 Jun 2011

“We got them [Republicans] cornered on Medicare”

Caption: Just waiting for the sleigh to pass by again. Image credit: Arrr!. This, according to Robert Reich, is one of the excuses offered by DC Democrats for their shameful inaction on the economy. That inaction is clearly a deliberate policy, as this statement from Austan Goolsbee, President Obama’s advisor

07 Jun 2011

Free Advice For Website Designers

Here’s some free advice to website designers: If you’re going to define the color of your website’s background, define the default text color, as well. Now, free advice is often worth what you pay for it, but in this case, I’ll offer an example why I say this, and how

25 Mar 2011

No Static Military Action For The Wicked

They may not be changing much else in DC, but the Obama Administration are doing their level best to take public relations wordsmithing to new depths.

18 Mar 2011

What A Disaster Really Means

We’re used to a world where you can talk just about anywhere on a cell phone. If that doesn’t work, there’s a land line or the Internet. The electricity works, or it’s out for just a short time, and we can just hop in the car and go down to the store to get what we need. In and around Sendai, Japan right now, none of that is true.

That fact has many implications, not the least of which is that it’s many times harder to do or find out just about anything. Militaries are used to that idea, but civilians generally are not.

04 Dec 2010

Get Back In Line

British metal band Motörhead may have the perfect song for a Christmas where people have to beg their government to show some compassion for its citizens.

03 Dec 2010

What Can We Afford?

Every war has its costs, and one of them is the opportunity, or employment, lost because we’re spending money to destroy someone else’s country rather than build up our own.