29 Jul 2015

Over Easy: Cecil the Lion

Earlier this month, Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer paid park guides $50,000 to participate in what turned out to be a canned hunt of a beloved, frequently photographed and GPS-collared African park resident lion named Cecil. Cecil lived in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, overseeing his group of cubs. In order to

26 Jul 2015

Feds indict former Georgia deputy sheriff for her role in botched SWAT raid that maimed toddler

In the early morning hours of May 28, 2014, Nikki Autry, a deputy sheriff in Habersham County, Georgia, presented a search warrant affidavit to the magistrate judge, swearing under oath that a known confidential informant who had been reliable in the past purchased a small amount of methamphetamine from an

25 Jul 2015

Saturday Art: Chuck Jones: The Evolution of an Artist [VIDEO]

Last week, Every Frame a Painting uploaded this delightful and informative video essay exploring the genius of Chuck Jones, with the introduction: If you grew up watching Looney Tunes, then you know Chuck Jones, one of all-time masters of visual comedy. Normally I would talk about his ingenious framing and

22 Jul 2015

Over Easy : Children living in poverty increased after Great Recession’s ‘economic turnaround’

According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2015 Kid’s Count Data Book, twenty-two percent of American children were living in poverty in 2013, compared to eighteen percent in 2008. According to the news release, 1.7 million more children live in low-income working families today than in the midst of the

20 Jul 2015

Aerospace company patents a terrible idea for airplane seating arrangement

Zodiac Aerospace, a large global aerospace supplier headquartered in France, has come up with an idea to squeeze more passengers on a plane: turn the middle seat in a three-seat row around, and eliminate the armrests. This way, the middle seat passenger will face the passengers in the aisle and

15 Jul 2015

Over Easy: Former PA judge who stole cocaine from evidence will only serve 30 days

Paul Pozonsky is a former judge of the Courts of Common Pleas in Washington County, Pennsylvania. During his tenure as judge, he presided over criminal trials, drug court, summary appeals and juvenile treatment court. He resigned abruptly in 2012 after Washington County’s President Judge Debbie O’Dell Seneca suspended his drug

11 Jul 2015

Michigan Judge locks up three children because they refused to have lunch with their father

In Michigan, Oakland County Circuit Judge Lisa Gorcyca compared three Bloomfield Hills children in a family to cult leader Charles Manson, and then remanded them to custody until they reach adulthood- for refusing to have lunch with their father, or speak to him. Detroit News reports that the parents are

08 Jul 2015

Over Easy: Coral bleaching threat increasing with warmer ocean temperatures

On Monday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported an increased threat of coral bleaching in the western Atlantic and Pacific oceans. NOAA predicts increased coral bleaching in Northern Hemisphere reefs through October. According to NOAA, when water is too warm, the coral expels its symbiotic algae (zooxanthellae) living

01 Jul 2015

Over Easy: Is the Governor of Maine Mentally Ill?

According to the necn news station, calls for Maine Governor Paul LePage to be impeached are increasing. More than 100 people rallied outside the Statehouse in Augusta, Maine on Tuesday, following allegations that the bombastic governor blackmailed a school, threatening to withdraw funding if it did not fire a political

28 Jun 2015

Young Turks: “Epic Setback in Marijuana Legalization Movement” (VIDEO)

In Colorado, where marijuana is now legal, a quadriplegic employee of Dish Network was fired from his job for using medical marijuana- not at work- but during his off-hours. When he challenged his termination from his job by filing a lawsuit, the Supreme Court in Colorado sided with the employer.