08 Jul 2011

Does America still have the Moral Courage of 1776?

I don’t believe most American’s have the moral courage of 1776. I’m including myself in this depressing diagnosis. Our souls are starving. There is hope for us if we change our appetite, and do an extreme makeover of our diet. Sacred chef Jesus grills up a first course in nourishing 1776 valor.

24 Jun 2011

A Texas Minister Asks Jesus about Attending Governor Perry’s Day of Prayer & Fasting

Governor Perry is making this into a national spectacular. He is inviting Governors from every state to come fast and pray. Shoot it to me straight Jesus. Should I take part?”
Jesus: “When you come before God, don’t turn that into a theatrical production. All these people making a regular show out of their prayers, hoping for stardom! Do you think God sits in a box seat?

17 Mar 2011

The Age of Everyday Messiahs

We are in the throes of a major mindset shift, a new reality, a new birth, a new world. The “Messiah” isn’t exclusively male. There isn’t “A” Messiah. The pervasive means is non violent. With this emerging consciousness and our interconnecting tech capacities–

We have entered the Age of Everyday Messiahs.

18 Feb 2011

2/11 Now Supplants 9/11 as the Narrative of Our Time

The old wineskins are parched and cracking. 9/11 wine is racid and causes soul sickness. It is time to showcase the new 2/11 wineskins. Let us toast with the elixir of our collective preservation – Egyptian Beaujolais Nouveau!

11 Feb 2011

Mubarak Finally Listens – “Let My People Go!”

I hear the Everlasting assurance from the Timeless Universal Spirit. “I have seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt, and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters; I know their sufferings, and I have come down to deliver them.”

15 Jan 2011

The Cosmic Quagmire of Tuscon

All the religious faiths seem to have these cosmic perspectives in common. We are born with goodness and villainy in our veins into a broken, imperfect world we didn’t create. Our responsibility is to transform our souls and this globe into a more compassionate home.

10 Dec 2010

Elijah’s Empty Chair of Freedom in Oslo

Friday in Oslo, Norway Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo was represented at the award ceremony by an empty chair.

A Jewish elder speaks during the Passover seder.

“At each table there is an empty chair, an extra cup of juice, and one remaining piece of matzoh. Jewish history tells of a beloved prophet by the name of Elijah, who appears in times of trouble to bring promise of relief, to lift downcast spirits, and to plant hope in the hearts of the downtrodden. The injustice of this world still brings to mind Elijah who, in defense of justice, challenged power.”

Elijah’s chair remains empty with graceful dignity and powerful, prophetic clarity.

11 Oct 2010

Why Help Build a Mosque I Have Core Differences With?

I have core differences of belief with the North Austin Muslim Community Center. Why then did I encourage my church, Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Church to make a special offering to help NAMCC build their Mosque? Why am I pictured in this video proudly presenting a check to them? Simply and clearly stated, there is a greater principle at stake.

01 Oct 2010

Help Build a Mosque: WWJD?

I am weary to the bones of making statements protesting the brokers of intolerance in America. Their verbal AK 47’s are spraying out fear and falsehoods so quickly I become dizzy trying to decide which bullet to fend off…We have done enough talking. We have been on the defensive for too long. It is way past time to do something positively prophetic!

17 Sep 2010

Have Riches & Privilege Made Americans Shriveled & Mean?

We live in the wealthiest most privileged nation on the planet. One would think that out of our abundance a spirit of generosity would erupt and roll like a ever flowing stream. On the contrary, if these polls have any validity it appears we have become a country of fearful, shriveled, stingy, mean people.