25 Aug 2010

When A Majority of New Yorkers Are Wrong

A majority of New Yorkers may object to the proposed cultural center and mosque, but that doesn’t mean they’re right.

04 Aug 2010

Will George W. Bush Reject Outrageous Anti-Muslim Demagoguery On the Right?

Here’s an opportunity for a failed President to achieve some measure of redemption.

02 Aug 2010

“Liberals Always Make Good Arguments”–But Does That Matter?

How to speak to right wingers who see facts as just another point of view…any ideas?

28 Jul 2010

TN Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey Tells American Muslims “They” Live Under “Our” Constitution

The Constitution is for all Americans, not just those in the majority.

22 Jul 2010

Newt Gingrich Sees Saudi Arabia As Guide For Religious Liberty–How About on Womens’ Rights, Gruesome Public Executions?

Newt Gingrich shows us why it doesn’t take much to be considered an intellectual on the right.

19 Jul 2010

To Refudiate or Not to Refudiate: Why Is That Sarah Palin’s Question For “Peaceful Muslims”?

Why is Palin suggesting that mosques in lower Manhattan are inherently offensive?

16 Jul 2010

Race, the Right and Republicans–It Goes Far Beyond the Tea Party

Is it a coincidence that racists and race-baiters find a home in the American right?

14 Jul 2010

Washington Post’s Double Standard for NAACP and Tea Party

Why is the Post bending over backwards to paint the Tea Party in the best possible light, ignoring evidence to the contrary?

13 Jul 2010

Stenography at the Washington Post: Tea Partiers Have “Exclusive Focus” on Fiscal Matters, Avoid “Divisive Social Issues”

Why is the Washington Post ignoring racism, anti-gay slurs, and revolutionary elements in the Tea Party movement?

09 Jul 2010

CNN’s Candy Crowley Spouts Republican Talking Point: Dems Engaged in “Class Warfare”

Why is Candy Crowley uncritically repeating a Republican talking point?