15 Dec 2011

Occupy Supply Teams Up with Occupy San Antonio

?Occupy Supply and Occupy San Antonio (OSA) are working together to keep occupiers going through the winter season.  Base-layers, hats, scarves, blankets and duck coats have now been delivered and distributed from Occupy San Antonio HQ in Hemisfair Park, located downtown. While south Texas doesn’t get anything like the winters

25 Feb 2011

The Silence of the Democratic Governors

So where are our Democratic Governors on this issue? Why the complete silence from DGA? Are they in disarray from the shellacking they took a few months back? Are they simply unaware that an important part of their base is under attack? Do they think the battle is unimportant? Do they actually agree with their Republican counterparts that public unions are bad, but don’t want to publicly say so? Has national Democratic leadership become so bland, cowardly and ineffective that it is simply unable to muster any form of counter argument to the Republicans?

20 Feb 2011

Wisconsin Law Enforcement Union: “Tragic Mistake to Endorse Walker”

“Acting the way we are helps destroy our Union, which is his ultimate goal. Acting the way we are right now helps him kill us all, without doing much of anything other than talk about it. Everyone is threatened.”

18 Feb 2011

Governor Walker Is a Bully–According to His Own Official Definition

It is an indelible hallmark of the conservative species that even as they relentlessly beat the crap out of their victims, they whimper about being helpless victims themselves. The case of Governor Scott Walker provides another great example.

13 Feb 2011

Egypt Envy

Egyptians clearly have found a mode of political action that works for them. Clattering away at its computer keyboard, the American Left isn’t there yet.

07 Feb 2011

Egypt’s Choices

…the current US administration seems as cynical as ever as it presents a completely unconvincing facade of support for the Egyptian people bleeding in the streets, while desperately attempting to salvage the ‘friendly dictatorship’ that oppresses them, complete with scary choices between dictatorship, chaos, and the islamist extremist boogyman.

13 Sep 2010

American Terrorism

Attacks on American mosques are terrorist attacks

05 Sep 2010

Five Days into “Operation New Dawn”, Obama’s Iraq Shell-Game Plays Out

Five days into “Operation New Dawn”, Obama’s shell-game plays out.

01 Sep 2010

Swedish Authorities Reverse Themselves Again in Assange Case

Swedish Authorities Reverse Themselves Again in Assange Case

23 Aug 2010

All Mosques are Too Close to Ground Zero

If islamophobia wins the day, all mosques will be too close to Ground Zero.